What Instagram Experts are not telling you…

You need more followers because…

…you want the life that Kardashians are living.
Posting a photo and earning from that.
It seems so promising, right?
But, you are not able to increase your followers no matter how hard you try.
You are at a position where you are stuck with other account’s follow/unfollow games. You get 10 followers today and you lose 15 tomorrow.
This is something which is frustrating. I’ve been there too. Back then, my heart would start beating high when I checked my followers count, just to know I’ve lost them.
It’s tempting to follow everyone back so that they won’t leave your account, but some don’t even care about that. They would anyways unfollow you. And if they don’t unfollow you, they don’t care about your posts. You will never receive engagement from these accounts anyway.
Instagram Expert Strategies

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Today you are crying about getting followers, tomorrow you will cry about getting engagement!
It’s a vicious circle. So what’s the solution?
A very appropriate solution that might come to your mind is to hire an Instagram coach/expert. They are experienced and they would know what to do in such a situation, right?
So, you go and check these coach’s fees. And oh my God, they charge a hell lot of money. $100 an hour! You don’t even know how many hours would your account need to “heal”! Now, you are doomed.
You know that is a lot of money, and you can’t afford it!
Don’t worry, I’ve been there and I know exactly how it feels.
When I was stuck at such a point, I started testing different strategies, one at a time. And figured out what works. It took me more than a year to come up with what I have now.
I can easily charge you the same amount of money that other Instagram coaches charge. But that’s not the way I work. I know that not everyone can afford these fees, so I decided to write this post.
In this post, you’re gonna learn:
  • Which strategy do Instagram Experts use?
  • How do they research for you so that they can help you out in the best way.
  • And, how you can do all this by yourself!
But before we go any further, let me tell you this:
Instagram Experts don’t charge too much. They are charging an optimum amount in exchange for their time and their expertise. They spend too much of their time in researching and building strategies for you (You’ll know after reading this whole post).
So, it’s not just a charge in exchange for that one hour that they spend talking to you, but it’s in exchange for those other hours that they spent for you in the background, researching for your account so that they can create an optimum strategy for you that actually works. $100 per hour is perfect according to me.
That said, let’s dive right in.




Let’s talk about who needs an Instagram Expert’s help or when do you need one…
  • Your Instagram account is not growing
  • You never know what to post
  • You are stuck with other’s follow/unfollow strategies
  • You never know how to promote your blog posts on Instagram without being pushy
  • You have thousands of followers, but you get engagement in hundreds or a similar situation
  • Your posts get engagement but don’t get enough sales
  • You never know how to connect your posts with your products/services
  • You follow Instagram trends believing that one post would take off and go viral to bring loads of followers to your account!
  • …and many more…
These are just a few reasons why you might be thinking that you are in dire need of an Instagram Coach.
And you’re right.
So, let’s talk about how having an Instagram Coach would solve your problem and how you can do it all by yourself.




1. Discuss with you about your goal for Instagram

Your coach will take the first session with you and talk to you about your Instagram goals. S/he will try to know your understanding about the platform and what are you trying to achieve through it. She will try to understand your niche. She might also ask what strategies are you putting out currently.
Basically, she will try to get to know everything about your business and your Instagram in order to give you the best possible results.

2. Background research

Once your session is over, she will start working for you in the background. A glimpse of what it looks like:
  • Research about your niche.
  • Audit your account.
  • Watch your analytics.
  • Which posts work better and which does not.
  • Trying to understand what works with your audience.Influencer Analysis.
  • Research about what the influencers in your niche are doing.
  • Competitors analysis.
  • What are your competitors are doing.
She will jot everything down and align it with your Instagram goal.



3. Build a content strategy as per the data collected from the research

She will now use all the collected information from you and from the research done and start building a content strategy. At this point, you might be thinking:

What is an Instagram content strategy?

An Instagram content strategy is a strategy of all the content that you are going to post every day that will move your followers to your current Instagram goal.
So, let’s say, if your current Instagram goal is to get more followers, your coach will build an Instagram content strategy that fulfills this goal.
You see? This is all the hard work that an Instagram coach does in the background so that your next coaching session goes successful. She will obviously not put everything in your bucket in the second session itself but, this is what basically happens.
Now, if you don’t have enough budget for hiring an Instagram expert, you can do all this by yourself.
Keep reading to know how…


I guess, after knowing all this, if you are smart enough, you can do all these by yourself.
Obviously, you are not an Instagram expert, but you ARE an expert in your field (= niche).
See, here’s the thing…
The coach you decide to work with might not have worked with someone in your field and hence might not know your audience. You know your audience better than anyone else. If you knew all these steps before, you could have built a better Instagram strategy for yourself than any other expert could have provided you.
Watching a field/niche from outside and suggesting is very different from being inside the niche and deciding what to do.
I’m sure all the steps I explained above are easy to do and you can do those yourself.
But, the only thing where you’ll get stuck would be this:Building a content strategy for yourself.
You have no idea what that is, and how to build one.
But guess what?
It’s your lucky day. I’ve a solution for that too…




I’ve everything jotted down about an “Instagram Content Strategy” which includes everything in detail including which content has what impact, which content type gets higher engagement and followers and most importantly, how to build a content strategy yourself that will work for YOUR business, not anyone else’s.
Let me introduce you to my book “Instagram Content Strategy“.
The book is waaayyy cheaper than what an Instagram Expert charges for an hour. And I’ve done that on purpose. I know everyone can’t afford to have a coach, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t know about their SECRET!
You have 3 options.
  • Spend years figuring out what works and what does not, like I did.
  • Hire a Coach for around $100 an hour (…minimum $700 in total)
  • Buy my book for even less than the half of what an Instagram Expert charges per hour and keep it for lifetime with you.
I chose the first option because I had only 2 options at the time.
There was no book available that detailed about Instagram content and that could teach me how a coach works in the background! And that is why I decided to write this book and put it out for an affordable price.




1. You’ll save a hell lot of money

You’ll save hundreds of dollars and a bunch of hours! The book is like only 110 pages, so you can read it in an afternoon. But if you really want to take all the juices out of it, I’d suggest, read it a second time and implement everything as you go.

2. You’ll have the knowledge for your lifetime

You can’t have an Instagram expert for a lifetime. And they are never gonna teach you what they do in the background and how they built the strategy!
I read this somewhere: Give someone needy a fish today, you fill his tummy today. Teach him how to catch the fish and where to find it, you are gonna fill his tummy for the lifetime.
The first option is what most of the experts do during their sessions. They fill you up with a strategy that will fulfill your current needs and make you happy for that time period, but wanting for more when you again get stuck with Instagram.
But the second option is what my book will teach you. It will fulfill your Instagram and your business goals for the lifetime.

3. You know your niche better, than any Instagram Expert

You know your field and your audience better than anyone. Sure, the coach knows about Instagram. But you can build that skill. The coach will never have to build their skill about your niche. That’s a one-time thing for her. She won’t bother learning about your audience (except for some coaches).
So, what do you think who can build a strategy for YOUR audience better? You or your coach, provided that you know how to build a strategy.

4. You can change your content strategy as per your needs whenever you want

You can’t rely on one strategy for every business goal. You need to change it as and when your business needs changes.
The book will teach you exactly how to build a strategy for ANY goal. So, you can build a strategy according to your needs, whenever you want.
If this looks like a steal to you for your whole lifetime, check out the book here.




Everyone feels stuck with Instagram at some point of time. But you have to find a solution to that. Take up the opportunity that comes right in front of you.
This could be the most proud investment for your business/blog if you are actually serious about your business. The Instagram content strategy book will serve you if you are someone who is:
  • blogger/solopreneur
  • businessman/entrepreneur
  • Instagram coach wannabe
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Content Strategist
  • Freelancer
  • Anyone who wants to build an authority on Instagram super fast.
Feeling stuck at a point is normal for everyone. You see those 1M followers account? All of them have been through these. The main quality they had was that they didn’t lose their focus or give up.
It all starts with one single step.


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