Ever wonder how marketing gurus come up with strong content that make you go “I wanna buy right now”?

❌I’m not talking about accounts who are posting overly educational content.

☑️I’m talking about gurus whose…

content does give you VALUE while also making you feel irresistible desire for their offers!

Want to know their secret?

That is bcz they KNOW which types of content go with which stage of the sales funnel.

Here’s where most people go wrong…

Posting content like these will NOT make you sales:

  • Sharing only educational content (this will attract freebie seekers)
  • 5 reasons why you need a copywriter/SMM/VA (this is why you’re attracting competitors instead of Ideal Clients!)
  • The Latest Instagram Updates (this will only attract a lot of engagement from WRONG people but not sales!)
  • New Instagram Story Hack (again, engagement but no sales!)

☝These types of posts are doing NOTHING to turn your followers into clients.

Instead, you need to create content that fills ALL stages of the Content Sales Funnel.

I’m talking about the Know, Like, Trust Sales Funnel.

Bcz you probably know about Know & Like, let’s talk about TRUST content bcz most people make mistakes over here ????????

1️⃣ONE type of Educational Content

While I’ve been talking about how educational content does not build trust (bcz I see a lot of people making the wrong educational content!) there is only ONE type of educational content that DOES build trust.

If you screw this up, your sales are gone!

2️⃣Unstuck Content

There’s another type of content that I call UNSTUCK content that builds unbreakable trust & shows your audience why YOU over other competitors.

Again, if you DON’T post this type of content (even if you post the above type of educational content) you might see YOUR audience buying from your competitors even if your prices are lower!

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