Truth is 9 out of 10 people are doing launch wrong (DO NOT launch without reading this!)

I’ve worked with a diverse group of business owners from those in the SMM to the art industry.

Most of them have tried launching before.

It’s also worked well for some, but when I looked at their offers, it was below $500 offer.

When they tried launching a high-ticket offer using their previous launch strategy it didn’t work.

Here are some of the reasons I’ve figured out working with my clients due to which their launches are going wrong

1️⃣Using customer journey to plan launch content but no differentiating factor

When you don’t have a differentiating factor it’s like you’re making them ready to buy the same from your peers who do have differentiating factor.

Imagine —

crafting launch content where you’re making them problem aware, solution aware, most aware. They are ready to buy.

You did all the hard work to make them ready. And you find out that they bought your competitor’s similar offer.

Doesn’t quite sound right, yes?

Because it isn’t.

This might work for a low ticket offer…

…that’s priced lower than peers (bcz that becomes your differentiating factor naturally) but especially won’t for a high-ticket offer.

If you want to charge higher than your competitors (or even similar to them), you NEED to have a differentiating factor in order to compete with them!

Bcz your audience is smart.

They follow a bunch of people who are selling the same offer.

They WILL compare your offer to, the prices & then make a decision to buy!

❓Are you marketing your offer for the most aware audience?

❓Are you giving them a “logical” reason to buy YOURS over others’ (even when your prices are higher!)?

If not, THAT is what needs to be worked on first!

Knowing how to make your audience ready to buy is one tiny piece of the puzzle.

You have to know why your offer is different and better & weave THAT into your launch content plan. This is what we use the offer messaging for.

2️⃣Relying on the hype & excitement of pre-launch

Most people think pre-launch is building hype & showing excitement for “something’s coming”.

There’s nothing wrong with showing excitement for your offer but there’s something more important than that during the warm-up phase.

Warm-up phase purposes:

✅Priming your audience with your offer messaging.

✅Removing their objections before-hand.

✅Getting them into the right frame of mindset to buy YOUR differentiating offer.

3️⃣Warming up the wrong way.

This is a biggie.

There are a few signs that would tell you that your audience is warmed-up:

➡️They’re showing their excitement for the offer to come out

➡️They’re asking you when will the offer drop

➡️People are starting to join before the doors open

If all you’ve been doing is sharing how-to content during warm-up phase & not able to create a gap & clearly communicate it through your content then instead of warming up to buy, your audience would feel content with your value & not thinking of buying.

This is the biggest reason why some launches only make 2 sales at the end of the launch.

⚡️Think – if your launch is falling into these traps!?

Recognising the need to shift is the first step.

If you’re done playing small…

If you want your offer to stand out with a bold messaging…

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