I thought I was doomed for failure with launches (Story behind how I became a launch queen!)

What’s that one defining moment when you started to feel a shift in your business?​

That’s a question I’ve been asked a few times from my clients.

And I always say it was the time when I “really” figured out how launches work.

But let’s back up a little bit…

Before that, I really thought I was doomed for failure in business & launches.


I had bought MANY launch programs, NONE of which worked for me.

I had failed launches over & over again.

Even the launch programs that gave me their “tried & tested” templates – didn’t work for me.

$1000 in this program, $2000 in another, $500 in yet another, but NONE of them worked.

And the thing is…

When you’ve gone through so many programs, & yet not seen results you’d think the problem is in you.

I always thought there’s something missing from those programs, but not ALL of them can miss it, right?

So I decided the problem was with me.

The truth is…

The programs taught me their “tried & tested” launch strategies, they REALLY worked when you had a warmed up audience!

But those never taught what CONTENT to share before launching that warms up your audience.

❌Just sharing the different types of content you should share during pre-launch doesn’t cut it.

I wanted to know what to share INSIDE those types of content so that my audience wanted to work with ME over anyone else.

And that’s when I took things in my hands.

I first tried launching with my own content strategy.

It worked!

It sold out my program with 7 posts. Yay! I had figured it out!

This worked again, & again, & again.

Then, I wanted to make it much more concrete & much more simple & powerful.

So, I came up with offer messaging.

There are many version of my offer messaging bcz it has evolved over time.

If you look inside my TCA program, you’ll find different version of offer messaging, the current & the old one, bcz it’s taken a while to evolve on its own. It’s something I’ve built & perfected over time.

And each version has shown my clients results.

I launched TCA & my first batch of clients saw amazing results:

It’s powerful as f*ck.

This is why I’d always say — you’ll save a lot of time, energy & money by learning:

✅exactly what to share that warms up your audience

✅how to sell your audience on your offer messaging…

…THAN to make mistakes like me & thinking that launching will never work for you.

What if you had a solid core messaging for each offer?​

Your messaging will help you create a content map that guides your audience and which in turn helps you create content that is powerful to activate your audience to buy from you.

By taking a step back and revisiting your strategy and content…

and making sure you’re telling a clear, consistent message to warm up your people, you could be injecting a whole load of ease to your launch. ​

➡️What is your differential Offer USP?

➡️What are the different ways in which you can come back to your core messaging?

➡️How can you make your USP compelling?

➡️How do you inject it to your content?

THIS is what you need to know in order to have a successful launch.

All it takes is the right training and guidance to get moving today.

The Clients Accelerator helps you with that!

You get my messaging framework along with HOW to create compelling content around that (not just the types of content????????‍♀️).

In addition you discover all the hidden psychological tactics that makes each post profitable.

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Vidhi Makwana

Marketing & Sales Mentor
for Leaders, Coaches & Personal Brands
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