How to create consistent Instagram theme – 2x your Instagram Followers

Have you ever followed someone on Instagram almost instantly?

…one of the reasons for this might be because his/her whole Instagram page looks so damn amazing!

Have you ever wondered how do they make it so beautiful? 

How to create beautiful Instagram Feed

Save it for later!


Guess what? 

Here’s your chance of making your Instagram cohesive just like your favorite Instagrammer’s profile…

When someone comes across your profile you only have a few seconds to impress them to stay & follow you. And seconds aren’t enough to prove that you have a great personality or you have a good sense of humor.

What they see – is what they think you are!

And what do they see? Your bio and your feed. That’s what creates your first impression, right?

So having a killer bio and a consistent feed can get you lots of followers!

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Now let’s talk about killer theme today…

To generate more interest to your profile visitors your Instagram feed should look visually appealing.

These are many ways to make your feed visually appealing. And here are some of them:


One column of quotes and the 2 columns can be switched between a promotion of your products/services and sharing your experiences (sharing experiences creates a connection between you and your followers).

If you’re a blogger, you can provide a column filled with tips and then for other 2 columns you can switch between a post promotion and a connection (your experience stories).

If you’re a beauty specialist use column for your client’s photos, one for testimonials and one for small tips.

If you’re a photographer, you can create the middle column filled with black and white photos and the side columns colorful.

Examples: @saltipineapple

saltipineapple's consistent Instagram feed


Using just one filter or using the same presets of brightness, saturation, sharpness and contrast will make your feed look more put through. Look at the examples below from @igorjosif on the left and @athomewithashley on the right:

One filter Instagram feed example



Try to infuse one major color in all your pictures. Also, you need to snap all your pictures through one device. Don’t switch between cameras or mobile phones. It will ruin your theme.

Look at the example below from @fridayfaye

One color Instagram theme on fridayfaye's profile


Using one color theme in minimum 3 pictures and then gradually changing it into another color and maintaining that for the other 3 pictures.

I am using this in my feed currently. If you see my pics, I’ve changed from gray to blue to pink and I’ll keep posting pink for a grid of 9 pics. My favorites: @eltrazodelulu on the left & my profile on the right.


Use the whole feed to visualize a big picture by showing small parts of the whole feed picture in your single posts – This is called a PUZZLE feed. This is the hardest of all themes.

I’m also using this in my feed currently. Look at my feed above.

My other favorites are: @simplywhytedesign on the left & on the right

Puzzle Instagram Theme Examples



These themes has become very easy to do if you are using

It provides easy ways to use the borders. Same kind of border in all your pictures makes this theme.

My favorite account is @ackishore

Border Instagram Theme Example



Try combining any of the above themes to each other to create a completely unique theme.

I’ve combined rainbow theme and the puzzle theme.

Another example: @nordiccopperdesign.

nordiccopperdesign's hybrid Instagram theme

You can also combine one color theme with one column theme, that’s the easiest hybrid theme.


If your photos don’t create a consistent look then using some white space to make it “less messy” will make it cohesive.

I also use a lot of white spaces in my pics.



One thing that you need to make sure that your Instagram theme stays consistent is that you need to post high quality pictures. And most importantly, all your pictures need to be clicked from the same device to keep it consistent all over your Instagram profile and edited the same way. You don’t want to switch between different cameras or mobile phones.

You can either click them yourself, or hire a professional for your photos.

I don’t recommend using free stock photos if you want a really consistent feed and that is because you can’t get consistency when you are using pictures from different photographers. All will have different lighting, different camera and different setting and even different editing.

If you don’t have photographic skills and can’t afford to hire a photographer, here’s an affordable option for you: find someone who is selling really good High Quality images at an affordable price.

You may search for stock images on google and you’ll find many sites that provide images at affordable rates.

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According to me, the lifetime membership is really affordable. They add new images every week!

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Have a look at their current bundles. Each and every type of image for every type of business!

Now that I’ve covered everything, I want you to go and check your feed.

Does every pictures go with each other?

Does your feed look cohesive?

Does it make anyone wanna keep scrolling down your feed?

If not, start doing this. Cz you don’t get another chance to convince your visitors to follow you! Do you?


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