The ONE true purpose of your pre-launch for 2x launch results (Don’t screw up your launch with this pre-launch mistake)

What’s at the heart of your launch?

It’s your warm-up phase, aka, pre-launch.

✅If you do this right, people would be flocking to join your program, in fact, people would join even BEFORE the doors open.

❌But if you screw this up, you’d struggle to sign clients even during the launch phase.

But, if you’ve never been inside “The Clients Accelerator” I bet you believe this tip going on around the Internet:

Just keep your content aligned to the topic of your offer.

You’ve heard of it, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong…

There’s nothing wrong with doing this but the problem arises when you just focus on doing that & start sharing more & more how-tos & tips content related to your offer topic…

and ignore the real purpose of warming up!

The real purpose of warming up is to get your audience ready to buy YOUR offer.

Yes, how-tos will show that you know your stuff & build trust (somewhat!) but that’s not enough to get them ready to buy from you.

Think about:

✅What are the things they need to believe in order to buy from you?

✅What is the current level of your audience & how can you speak to them where they’re at?

✅How is your offer different than every other similar offer out there?

✅If your audience has been burnt before through a similar offer, how are you proving that this is different? That this WILL produce results?

All of this can be mapped out easily inside your content when you have a solid offer messaging.

This is called priming your audience with the right messaging.

When your messaging is differential & compelling, it does the job of selling your offer even when you’re not selling. It compels.

This is the ONE true purpose of your warm-up!

What’s conventional wisdom?

“Build and nurture strong relationships with your audience”

​Simple and pretty old school right?

But this can often lead to throwing spaghetti at the wall.

More tips content..
More how-tos…
More “value”…

All in the name of nurture.


❓Is it helping your audience move closer to the sale?

❓Is it showing them a different but better direction towards getting results?

❓Is it making them THINK differently & shift their perspectives?

If not, then that is the real thing that needs to be worked on right now.

This is exactly what we do in The Clients Accelerator (TCA).

If you’re ready to discover how to prime your audience with your content so they’re ready to buy beforehand…

If you want to know exactly what to be talking about for that next launch…

The Clients Accelerator is perfect for YOU.

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Vidhi Makwana

Marketing & Sales Mentor
for Leaders, Coaches & Personal Brands
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