Content that ATTRACTS clients & gets “how do I work with you” inquiries instead of chasing leads in the DMs

Here are the content types that attracts the right audience:

1. Content that attracts the RIGHT ideal clients instead of competitors.

These posts attract the wrong people:

❌“5 reasons why you need a copywriter/SMM/VA”

❌”Latest Instagram Updates”

❌”New Story Hack”

❌Shareable Content

…usually attracts wrong audience as your followers.

2. Content that CONNECTS with your audience

This content has to connect at a deeper level than just creating surface level stuff.

3. Content that builds trust

Let’s get this straight bcz most people get this wrong (including me in the beginning!):

>> There’s ONE type of educational content that attracts right potential clients & another type that builds trust.

If you mess this up, you’d have gaps in your content sales funnel leading to NO SALES

When I started sharing these with a strategy in the backend, this strategy brought me:

✅sold out my intensive with just 7 Instagram posts

✅signed 11 new clients from just one post

✅12xed my income from it was before

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