Turn an ice-cold audience into warm audience with these strategies

A follower I spoke to recently said that her audience is so cold, selling felt like talking to a wall.

She’s tried the softest sales tactics to the most sleazy, salesperson tactics & yet her audience doesn’t budge. ​She felt like she has somehow attracted the most coldest audience of all.

So how do you deal with the most icy-cold audience, sell to them & ACTUALLY make sales?

Before I move on to giving you tips, here are the pre-checks I want you to make:

1️⃣Know that you have the right audience. Have you somehow attracted the wrong audience?

2️⃣If you do have the right audience, are you talking to them from where they are?


For my launch program, I might assume that my audience knows the importance of launching so I’m creating content around the pain points during launching, whereas my audience is at a place where they don’t even want to launch.

This is where my content is not speaking to them.

I might have to start talking about the importance of launching, why they need to add that to their marketing right now & THEN start talking about the next level.

Think – is your content speaking to your audience at their level?

If not, you might need to change that first.

Now, how do you deal with the most icy-cold audience, sell to them & ACTUALLY make sales?

1️⃣Actionable Wisdom

Do more live trainings giving them easily implementable action steps – easier to go deeper when you go live than be able to provide in an Instagram post or reel


People are overwhelmed with content today.

While everyone out there is giving them MORE content to consume, you wanna give them ⚡️direction⚡️.

I know, I know…

the conventional wisdom suggests you to share more value, give more how-to & tips to grow your audience & for more engagement.

And that makes you think you’re only giving value when you’re sharing how-to & tips content, right?

  • How-to & tips content creates a shiny-object syndrome in your audience.
  • It gives them a false sense of doing by consuming.

This is the reason why most people think they know all the strategies & yet struggling. That’s bcz they’ve consumed more but their shiny object syndrome didn’t give them results.

In this era of too many shiny objects easily available through short videos…

people don’t lack information, they lack DIRECTION.

When you create content that gives them direction (instead of just how-to & tips) that’s when they make a real impact.

This is when you’re trailblazing. People notice you when you do that.

3️⃣ Your POV

Figure out your differential messaging & talk about it multiple times & know HOW to prove your point in a way that comes out as an aha-moment

Here’s what my client said to me in our last call —

“The messaging changed everything for me. Everything is based on that.”

Here’s what happened to my another client:

⚡️Sold 3 spots while she was just priming them with her offer messaging.

It’s all about knowing how to stand out in this crowded space.

When you’ve figured out your point of difference & learn how to share it in a powerful way, that’s when your audience starts to make moves & invest in you.

✅ Is what you’re saying any different at all?

✅ Do you have a Point of Difference? Is it compelling?​

✅ Are you able to share this point of difference multiple times in different ways until your audience gets it? Aka, are you able to create powerful content around it?

If not, that right there is the real thing that needs to be worked on.

This is exactly what I teach you inside The Clients Accelerator (TCA).

We come up with your point of differences, weave them into your offer messaging – & when you’ve got this one thing figured out – everything revolves around that.

  • Your pre-pre-launch
  • pre-launch content
  • your emails sequence
  • your launch strategy!

All of it.

In fact, it doesn’t matter what your launch strategy is – when you have a strong offer messaging.

This is how my clients sell multiple spots during the pre-pre-launch & pre-launch — before the doors open.

➡️If you want to make sure your launches not only warm up your audience the right way but also book-out your spots…

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