How traumas impact your business success & how to map your healing process through human design with Naudia Patterson

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This week we have trauma & human design expert, Naudia Patterson, on our show to talk about trauma’s impact on your business & how to use human design to map out a healing process.

Tune into this week’s episode to learn how trauma might be holding back your business success & how human design can help you heal those traumas to see massive success in your business.

  • Trauma and its impact on business: Naudia shares her experience as a complex trauma survivor and how it affected her business. She explains how trauma can manifest in different ways, including self-sabotage, and shares a case study of a client who struggled with procrastination due to past traumas.
  • What are the different healing methods for trauma
  • How you can use human design as a tool for self-discovery & map out your healing process
  • How Naudia uses Human Design as a coaching tool
  • EFT Tapping for Emotional Discord
  • Subliminals for Bypassing Inner Critic Dialog
  • Misconceptions about Human Design Types
  • Healing past traumas

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