5 signs you need a better content strategy (SIGNS)

Tell me if ANY of this is true for you:

  • You post regularly but these posts have never brought you client inquiries
  • You have followers but struggle to turn them into paying clients
  • Your audience loves to pick your brain in the DMs for free but ghost you at the talk of paid offers
  • Your audience seems HOT when you’re NOT selling but when you start selling they become COLD & everyone kind of ghosts you.
  • You’ve tried launching but it has flopped

If you said YES to any of these, you need a better content strategy!

I’m gonna teach this inside Bankable Content Masterclass

How to create a content plan that makes your audience go “I wanna buy that right now!”

You’ll learn:

⭐️ How to use my unique content sales funnel to figure out the MAJOR gaps in your content strategy that’s ceasing your sales & learn how to fill those gaps to start signing clients starting THIS MONTH.

⭐️ My “unstuck” content type that makes your audience WANT to pay for your services as soon as they read it even if you only have 100 followers (fyi: it’s not promotional or educational ????)

⭐️ How to finally create “content that converts” but takes less time using my content planning formula that cuts your content creation time by 50% while making your audience want to work with you with every new post.

⭐️How to plan your month’s worth of content in less than 20 minutes using my content planner spreadsheet that you can use TODAY & be ready for a month full of sales.

⭐️& much more!

Ready for this?

Join Bankable Content while it’s still just a 2-figure investment!

Vidhi Makwana

Marketing & Sales Mentor
for Leaders, Coaches & Personal Brands
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