Create your content strategy with me that does not take time!

Most people before working with me tell me —

  • Content strategy is a very complicate process
  • It takes a lot of time
  • Changing it every month is really tiresome

If you need to change your content strategy every month…

you’re doing it wrong!

You need to create content strategy per offer, not per month.

No wonder it feels tiring to you if you’re doing it per month basis!

It means that you’re dumping your last month’s content ideas every time & trying to come up with new, more creative ideas, EVEN IF—

  • you didn’t use all of those content ideas last month
  • you’re still selling the same offer this month

What a waste of time, energy & your creativity!

Here’s how I teach my clients to plan their content strategy—

✅Create a list of your offer’s pain & transformation

✅These turn into your educational content ideas (these are just ONE type of educational ideas – the purpose is not to build trust, but to attract the right-fit ideal clients, I’ll explain more inside Bankable Content)

✅Add LIKE content

✅Add TRUST & Authority content (read “3 content idea starters to build trust” post)


❓What are LIKE content types?

❓What are TRUST content types?

❓How much of these do you share so that there’s no uneven distribution of content?

❓Where is the sales content? When do you sell? How much?

I’m going to share this whole thing inside the Bankable Content Masterclass.

(& if you think you know all of this already, but not signing clients through your Instagram posts? Then you’re missing something!)

I’ll show you what you’re missing, PLUS, the full content strategy + plan + system inside Bankable Content Masterclass.

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