How to Write a Kickass Instagram bio that upgrades it to “Client Magnet”

Last updated on January 31st, 2019

Did you know that optimizing your Instagram bio can actually increase your follow rates by 3x?


So, if you are gaining like 5 followers everyday, upgrading your bio to a “client magnet” will start attracting 15 followers everyday.


If you attract 10 today, writing a kickass bio can get you 30 followers daily!


Think about the potential of this!


Here’s a brainstorming question for you: When you visit someone’s profile, what is it that you notice on the profile to decide whether to follow or not?


  • The first thing might be the number of followers (sadly, that matters for some people!).

  • Secondly, you read the bio because that is where you get the whole overview of who the person is and what is the profile about – this is where you get to know whether you are interested in the content or not!

  • Thirdly, you check the content – photos & videos – that the profile has. A beautiful visual theme helps in this case.

If all of these pass the test, you hit that follow button! Voila, only 3 steps to attract loads of followers!


So, if any of your potential clients visit your profile, you need to make sure that they hit the follow button on your profile by making your bio a “client magnet”.

But there’s a catch:


When someone visits your Instagram profile, you have only 10 seconds to convince them to follow you. 


So, for them to follow you, you need to have a killer visual theme and a kickass bio.

How to write a kickass Instagram Bio


Now for creating a good visual theme, I’ve written this post here that can increase your follow rates up to 2x.


If you’ve already read the “Visual Theme” part from my last post. Let’s cover how to have a “CLIENT MAGNET” bio today.

For having a kickass bio, you need to know about your client. You should know what is it that your client is most interested in and how to draw them in.


If you don’t know how to draw your clients in, here’s a list of questions that you can use as a pioneer in creating your bio:

1. Who is your ideal client?
2. What are their pain points?
3. What are they looking for on the internet?
4. What will they search for in the search bar so that they can (accidentally?!) find you?

If you’ve got all this cleared, you’re very close to creating an epic bio instantly!


Let’s start:




This is the “name” section when you edit your profile & this one shows up in the bold letters.


Fill your bio with these 2 elements…


Fill your headline with the answer to the 4th question you gave above about your client. Because that’s how they can find you! 

If you are a marketing strategist, what do you think your client will search in the search bar so that they can find you?


According to me that would be “marketing tips”, so add these words to your headline. This will help people find you. So if someone searches for “marketing tips” in their search bar, your profile will pop up first.


Champion Tip: Some people like to add something like “marketing strategist” to the headline, but that is not what your client is gonna search! S/he is looking for how you can help them, not what you are. So get into your client’s head and think like them to get yourself searched by them.

So instead of telling them what you are, tell them how you can help them (by adding “marketing tips” in your headline in this case).



I’d also suggest you to add your name to the headline. So that your followers can search you by your name. You want to be popular by your name, don’t you?


Remember, your handle (@____) and your headline are the only searchable things on Instagram that can help people find your account. So choose these wisely.


2. BIO:


This is the bio in your profile – the one that is below your headline.



Fill your bio with your expertise in solving your client’s pain points. (Answer to your second question above)


Use your creativity to show them that YOU are their final destination and that you are ideal for them.


Can you do that? Great!

NOTE: You have only a few characters’ limit to show your clients that YOU ARE THE ONE THEY ARE SEARCHING FOR! So use the space carefully.



Tell your potential clients why they should click on your link.


A few good examples:

  • If you have an e-commerce store: Use this code to get instant X% discount.

  • If you are a blogger: Get my FREE guide on [your client’s pain point solution]


CHAMPION TIP: If you want people to visit your link, you need to provide something that can drag them there. Can you find what can attract your client towards your link? THINK CREATIVELY…



Adding too many traits will confuse your client. Choose just 1 or 2 traits if you have a wide spectrum of interests and focus on those on your Instagram account.


3. LINK:



You can use your link to gain email subscribers by providing a valuable copy to download in exchange for their email IDs.


Your link should directly send your client to what your CTA (call-to-action) promises to provide. NEVER send them to a link where they need to wander to find that particular information.


People hate spam! So don’t look like one. Your link should be completely visible, so make it short by using some URL shortening tool.


But make sure it does not contain random alphabets and numbers (looks like a spam and lowers your click-through-rates). Use to customize your link so that it does not look spammy.

Now it’s your turn!

Is your bio optimized? If not, you’re sending your ideal clients off without making them follow you. Is that your account’s goal?


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