Your content mistakes costing you new paid dream clients

Mistake #1: Focusing heavily on sharing just educational content

Here’s the thing:

>> Educational content does NOT get you sales.

Instead, here’s what happens:

  • People use your content to consume, implement but doesn’t come back to you for advice or asking you about your services.
  • They look at you as that sweet lil girl sharing free content but they don’t wanna pay you for it
  • You get friend-zoned

You need more TRUST & AUTHORITY building content.

Mistake #2: Thinking that sharing shareable content gets you right followers

Actually, shareable content gets you in front of a huge audience. But you don’t have control over who it’s exposed to.

Usually a shareable content brings you a lot of followers that aren’t your ideal fit clients.

Better than a shareable content – you need to focus on creating the type of educational content that brings you RIGHT ideal fit clients.

Mistake #3: Focusing on engagement metrics instead of sales metrics

How many times have you told yourself — “I need more engagement”?

Trust me –

You have 20x more people watching your content than the number of people engaging.

You don’t need more engagement.

You need to learn how to convert those who are lurking into clients.

I’m gonna teach you exactly that inside Bankable Content Masterclass.

Your Feed Content is the most upfront content.

If that is not strong enough, you’ve lost a lot of potential clients who visited your profiles, even followed you probably, but never turned into clients.

That is why I created Bankable Content to help you with a strong Content Game.

If you…

  • are tired of posting without bringing any actual sales
  • constantly keep changing your content strategy bcz you’re unhappy with the results
  • spend 1 hour creating each post that leads to nothing more than just engagement
  • do have content ideas but aren’t sure how to share them effectively to bring sales
  • keep wondering what you’re doing wrong!!?

Bankable Content is for YOU!

>> Join Bankable Content while the price is just a 2-figure investment. <<

Vidhi Makwana

Marketing & Sales Mentor
for Leaders, Coaches & Personal Brands
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