Content ideas that gets you out of the friend-zone & makes your audience join your offers

ONE type of content that builds trust is:

Unstuck Content Type

This is the type of content that “actually” helps your audience (more than your educational content!)

Here’s what happens with the educational content:

Your audience finds your how-to post on something & feel “this is the solution to their problem!”, so they stop doing what they were doing & start focusing on this new thing


Your educational content creates a shiny-object syndrome in your audience where they keep jumping from one thing to another, not actually getting results from ANY of those!


This eventually – builds a lack of trust!


Your audience will think: “I’ve already tried so many of her strategies & none of them produced good results!”

Do you see how educational content that was intended to build trust, eventually creates a LACK of TRUST?

There’s only ONE type of educational content that ACTUALLY builds trust. And I see a lot of people creating the WRONG educational content.

Another content type that builds trust is:

UNSTUCK content

>> Content that figures out where they’re struggling & gives a solution to that!

This builds IMMENSE trust & authority creating a positioning that makes your ideal clients want to pay for your services????????

You might be thinking:

❓How to come up with ideas for this unstuck content?

❓What are the different types of unstuck content?

❓How many of these should I share?

❓Should I completely STOP sharing educational content?

I’ll answer ALL of this inside Bankable Content Masterclass!

…along with showing you how to create a content strategy for each of your offers so that you have a CLEAR & CONSISTENT messaging for each offer, hence, building desire for your offers.

Join us inside while the prices are just a 2-figure investment (for THIS much of strategy!)

Vidhi Makwana

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