How to create a content strategy to sell multiple offers in the same month

A big misconception in this industry is that:

You create a new content strategy every month

When you do this, here’s what goes wrong:

  • You messaging is not consistent
  • Your audience feel confused (even when you’re selling just one offer!)
  • You feel you’re starting from scratch every month

Instead, here’s what to do:

Create your content strategies for each offer.

This means that you don’t change your Content Strategy every month.

When you do it this way, here’s what happens:

✅Your messaging for each offer stays consistent

✅You build desire for your offers repeatedly

✅You feel in a flow, instead of feeling you’re starting from scratch every month

✅Your content creation feels EASY and starts bringing in client inquiries!

Now, when you want to sell multiple offers in a month through your Instagram Posts…

You pick content ideas from each offer’s content strategy & share it strategically!

But the question is:

  • How to create a strategy around the offer content strategies to share in a month?
  • How do you turn those content ideas seamlessly into a pitch?
  • How do you decide how much content to share for each offer? Does a high-ticket offer’s number of content ideas whey more than the low-ticket offer’s content ideas?

I’ll be answering ALL of these in-depth inside the Bankable Content Masterclass!

Inside Bankable Content, I’d not only teach you how to create a strategy for a month…

…but I’d also teach you how to create a content strategy for each offer in just 20 minutes & use this for months to come – without any lack of content ideas (this is juicy, I’ll show you how!)

Ready to learn all of this?

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