3 content shifts I made that 12xed my revenue (& these will 12x YOUR revenue too!)

I get asked a lot of the times:

How were you able to reach a full-time income with such a small following in less than a year!?

➡️What was the turning point when it all shifted for you?

And I usually give the same answer:

It’s when I shifted my content around.

Let me talk about the shifts in detail [these are content shifts that 12xed my revenue] —

1️⃣An EVEN distribution of content

I was creating too much of the same type of content. Basically – more of the educational content!

There’s a certain type of content that builds brand awareness and gets your audience to ‘know’ and ‘like’ you.


Building trust requires a completely different group of content pieces.

When I started mixing the trust content in, my revenue started increasing.

2️⃣Releasing my attachment to the engagement metric

Content that brings engagement is totally different than content that brings sale.

In fact, both of these content will attract & motivate totally different tribe of people!

Think about it:

How many times have you noticed that people who buy from you are actually lurkers, & not the ones who engage?!

That’s bcz there’s a completely different group of content pieces that motivate the engagers &…

A completely different content pieces that motivate the lurkers to take action & buy from you!

3️⃣Focusing on the full content sales funnel

Your content sales funnel has this one purpose:


Just talking about your offer is not enough to motivate them to buy.

>> Are you taking your audience through all of the stages of the funnel & address all stages’ objections throughout?

If not, you have a gap in your sales funnel.

Want to 12x YOUR revenue just like mine?

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