3 Steps to 2x your Launch Results (Do THIS to make more sales during launch!)

Which launch strategy works best? ​

This is a question people ask me all the time.

Now, I will say this until the day I die…

There’s no magical launch strategy.

You can’t do anything much during the launch if your audience isn’t warm enough beforehand. If they aren’t ready to buy.

That’s why pre-launches are so important.

It’s the way you prime your audience before the doors open (using your offer messaging) that makes a launch work.

So, in this guide, I’m not just gonna share with you WHAT to do, I’m also gonna share with you what NOT to do bcz mostly it’s the NOT DOs that’s holding you back.

Launch Mistake #1️⃣

Create the offer first & then think of marketing

The problem is not just that you might end up creating a product without pre-selling. The problem is that when you think of marketing last, you end up creating an offer that doesn’t have the differentiating factor built in it.

When you go out to sell, you might wanna say something that your offer just might not be able to deliver. You might wanna tear your whole offer apart when you think of marketing last.

For 2x launch results:

➡️You wanna build your messaging first & THEN create your offer

Launch Mistake #2️⃣

Relying on your “perfect” launch strategy

I’m not saying that your launch strategy will do nothing but what I AM saying is that no launch strategy can do anything for you if your audience is not warmed enough.

For 2x launch results:

➡️Rely on the pre-launch phase. See if people are asking you how to join during this phase. That means people are warming up.

How to warm up?

Prime them with your offer messaging. Get them READY to buy YOUR offer. That’s called priming.

Launch Mistake #3️⃣

Aligning your content to the offer topic by sharing more how-to content

Here’s the thing:

In today’s era, people don’t lack information. The value of information (how-to) has decreased. You won’t be able to stand out or build your credibility by sharing just how-to content.

Then what can you do?

People don’t lack information. They lack direction.

For 2x launch results:

What you wanna share is direction-giving content.

Give them a direction. Be their guide. That’s what makes them “follow” & not just follow you. This is powerful in getting you more sales. YOU become the clear choice for them to work with.

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