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Vidhi Makwana

“Seeing women build & scale their businesses & making themselves feel proud is one of my biggest passions.”

Ways to Work with Me

Offers to help you grow & scale your business through the power of content marketing & organic sales.


Learn the strategy & mindset behind positioning yourself as an AUTHORITY inside AND out such that your audience starts seeing as you as the go-to LEADER in the industry — directly affecting your SALES & monthly cash income.


A 4-day training to give you everything you need in order to not only FEEL like an authority but also strategically SHOW UP like an authority & make your audience to see you as the go-to industry leader.

Story Sales

Learn how to get sales from stories every single week (if not daily) without annoying your audience, in fact, exciting them to join your offers.

Self-paced Course

A self-paced course to help you make sales weekly (if not daily) from your Instagram stories.

The Clients Accelerator

Enough posting & not converting followers into clients. Learn the strategy behind making sales on Instagram to get consistent clients every single month (👋🏼hello consistent revenue)

1:1 Private 6-Week Program

A Private 1:1 6-week Program along with lifetime access to a 40+ expert-guided video trainings to help you get consistent clients from Instagram every single month.

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