THIS is how your launches can be FUN & exciting instead of being stressful & overwhelming

I was recently working with a client Claire (not her real name) to work on her launch plan.

We were mapping out her launch content through the messaging we had created in the last call and I could sense that Claire was uncomfortable.

She shared that she didn’t want to launch bcz it always stresses her out.

I asked her if she believed that her offer was helping the industry and her response was a crystal clear YES!

She also knew why launches were an important part for her business. But the feeling she had for launching wasn’t helping.

This feeling came from her previous launches that were clearly stressful (she had launched along with coach’s support as well!)

I had to show her how this launch is going to be different bcz it’s based on a solid offer messaging.

Imagine you have 7 spots for your high-ticket 1:1 offer.

You launch with your solid messaging – (fyi, your launch starts way before you open your doors).

Let’s say, you’ve got 3 people signing before the doors even open.

This tells you —

⚡️your messaging is working

⚡️you’ve got momentum going into the launch

⚡️if 3 people joined, there are other at least 12 people watching & wanting to join but haven’t reached out yet, so you show up even stronger

⚡️you now go into the launch with full confidence & excitement (bcz you’re not struggling to meet ends right now, you’re just excited to help more people, you’re having fun while selling!) & sell those 4 spots effortlessly

This is how launching can be fun & exciting instead of just being stressful & overwhelming.

So what can YOU do to make sure that your launches sell spots even before the doors open so that you’re having FUN launching instead of being overwhelmed?

  • Having a differential point of view around the topic of your offer
  • Infusing that differential POV into your messaging. Is your POV compelling?
  • Knowing how to instil that into your content in different ways such that you’re not repeating yourself
  • Having a strategy behind your messaging-infused content

Voila! You’ve got your strategy for priming your audience with the right messaging.

THIS is what sells your offer before-hand.

Launches can be fun – here’s the proof!


All you needed was to host a free masterclass/workshop & have people signing into your program like buying hot cakes.


People are more sophisticated, more aware.

They follow more people providing the same solution & they take decisions very strategically.

That’s what your messaging does.

It makes YOU the clear choice to work with.

Surely, a lot has shifted in the online space.

But the foundation hasn’t changed. And messaging is a huge part of it.

Right now here’s something you can do⬇️

Tackle your high-ticket 1:1 offer messaging

Maybe you have some kind of messaging for it but it doesn’t seem to be strong enough, or bringing any sales for that matter.

Or maybe you’ve been stuck with tons of questions to move forward with creating your offer messaging.

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