Do THIS when your launch strategy isn’t signing clients

Here’s a DM I received from Marie (not her real name)

“I’m asking because I see you as an authority in this topic. I did everything – prelaunch, freebies, 3-day workshop, everything my coach advised me to do. I’m wondering why I still only signed 2 clients? I feel I’m missing something.

I appreciate her honesty in the DMs.

And this is not her fault.

Bcz that’s what we’ve always been taught to do, right —

✅share a freebie
✅do a masterclass
✅& then launch?

There’s nothing wrong with this strategy, but when you launch like this, you are ONLY focusing on the big-picture strategy & ignoring the most important foundation of a launch, aka, your offer messaging.

It’s fine if you launch without a strong messaging but here are the issues I’ve seen come up with clients I’ve worked with⬇️

1️⃣Not knowing what content to post each day & what to base it on. How to differentiate your ‘how to’ free from your ‘how to’ paid?

2️⃣Feeling a lot disorganised with different types of content – on stories, posts & emails – until the day of launch

3️⃣Most of my clients have reached a point of burn out and overwhelm during their previous launches

4️⃣It does sell some low-ticket spots but when you’re launching a high-ticket offer you really struggle!

Your launches feel so much relaxed, stable & organised when you have the offer messaging already created.

Now you don’t have to learn different strategies for your email funnels, & different strategies for your Instagram feed & story content.

EVERYTHING is based on your messaging.

This is the reason why I’m able to launch so many times without burning out.

Bcz once the messaging is created, 50% of your launch content is ready!

Here are the results my clients have gotten through their launches based on strong offer messaging

  • People start joining your programs during the pre-pre-launch & pre-launch bcz of your messaging
  • People are already primed & ready to buy banging down the doors for the cart to open for enrolment
  • You sell out sleaze-free & it feels easy

Look at these results ⬇️

By taking a step back and coming up with your offer messaging…

and making sure it’s differentiating & making a differential point of view, you could be injecting a whole load of ease to your launch.

✅Does your content revolve around a core message for your offer?

✅Are you making a change in your industry through your offer? (Of course, you don’t have to invent something new, but you can create messaging such that it creates a different direction in your industry, you become a trailblazer!)

✅Are you able to connect multiple content strongly to your original offer messaging?

This is what we do in The Clients Accelerator Program. ​

➡️ If you’re sick of the disorganised, stressful launch…

➡️ If you hate creating different content for each platform: from Instagram feed, story, emails, to promotion of your products and services…

➡️ If you never really know what your audience “needs to hear” or what to write and when to publish what before you open the doors…

Then, I’d love to welcome you to my 1:1 Private Mentorship The Clients Accelerator.

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Vidhi Makwana

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