The Clients Accelerator

12-week 1:1 Private Mentorship

This is a 3-month 1:1 private mentorship program for coaches/Service Providers scaling to their first consistent high cash months & sold out launches.

This is for you if:

  • You’re an expert at what you do, but have not fully set up your business yet and have signed no clients
  • You’ve been in business for a while but you’re still struggling to bring consistent high cash months

We personalize your sales strategy, content & offer messaging to help you bring high cash months with a repeatable launch strategy in your back pocket.

How do we achieve this?

The TCA course has been divided into 3 main phases:
1. Kickstart
2. Elevate
3. Convert

KICKSTART: Establish you as an authority, build trust with your audience, positioning your offer as the BEST & you as the CLEAR choice for your audience & develop your offer messaging for promotion.

ELEVATE: Boosting your engagement & followers, & start creating a warmed-up audience.

CONVERT: Creating HOT leads using feed content, converting inside the DMs including DM scripts, & launching your offer. This is where sales start to happen.

What you get access to?

6 strategy & coaching calls with me (value $4000)

so that we can personalize your sales strategy, offer & content to bring in high cash months 

  • 4 of these calls are pre-planned:
    • Call #1: Ideal Client Clarity call (Gain Deeper Clarity on your ideal clients)
    • Call #2: Offer Messaging & Marketing Game-Plan
    • Call #3: Mapping out your Powerful Content Pieces
    • Call #4: Creating your Sold-Out Launch Plan
  • The other 2 calls are hot-seat coaching type coaching calls.

24/5 Voxer messaging (value $1997)

so that you can have daily access to me to ask any in between call questions.

Workbooks, bonus resources & action tasks (value $497)

so as to make implementation a breeze for you.

Lifetime access to 2 courses (value $1774)

  • 9-module TCA course
    • This course has been divided into 3 main phases:
      • Kickstart
      • Elevate
      • Convert
  • 8-module Sold Out Launches course
    • This course covers:
      • Offer Validation & Signing Beta Clients
      • Offer Messaging
      • Pre-pre-launch, pre-launch, launch & post-launch phases
      • Mindset during launch
      • & so much more

Submit any & every Content for Personalized Feedback before publishing to the public ($800) 

Have my eyes on your business as much as you want within these 12 weeks together.

Total value = $9,068

The Clients Accelerator price = $4,997

Current price = Just $629 per month, or $1887 PIF!

(flexible payment plans available. DM me to know about them.)

Over $9,000 worth of value for only $629 per month!


Let’s make content creation & launches stress-free, in fact, FUN for you👏🏼

You’ll totally get the same “OMG YAY I’M FINALLY EXCITED ABOUT MY CONTENT & MY BUSINESS” feeling in just 12 weeks just like these people 👇🏼 (Plus, feeling HELLA confident, super clear on your unique message, & be able to use that with authority to attract & convert consistent dream clients)

The Clients Accelerator

$ 1887
EVERYTHING-you-need-to-sign-consistent-clients Plan
6 high-touch 1:1 Calls
12-week Voxer Support (24/5)
Offer Messaging
Full Stories Plan for your upcoming launch
Powerful Content Strategy for the Launch w/ 30 days of Content Plan ready-to-go
DM Sales Training
Lifetime access to 2 courses: TCA & Sold Out Launches (SOL)
Ideal Client Clarity
Lead Generation
Authority Positioning
Instagram Stories Training
Captions Training
Follower Booster Training
Engagement Accelerator Training
Landing Page Training
Warm-up Strategy
Workshop/Masterclass Launch Strategy
Signing Beta Clients Training
Mindset Training
Full Sold-out Launch Plan & Support
Lifetime access to call recordings
Lifetime updates to the 2 courses available
Worksheets & assignments for EASY implementation

Fill out this Application to join The Clients Accelerator

There are limited spots to work with me every month bcz of the nature of this program.

If you want any chance of working with me this month, apply TODAY. Have questions? FAQs are at the end of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions

You get high-touch 1:1 access to me. You’ll receive 6 personalized calls & 12 weeks of high-touch 1:1 support from me.

TCA clients are special for me. I’ve worked with clients who have completely opposite time zones & opened new timings for them to accommodate ease for them. This has never been a problem for my clients. I’m 100% sure it wouldn’t be for you as well & I’d love to create new available timings specially for you as well.

Here are the steps:

  1. You fill out the application form & submit.
  2. I go through your application & reach out inside your DMs within 24 hours.
  3. This is the time when you can ask me ANY questions you might have around TCA. If you need help with deciding if it’s right for you, I’d help out with that as well.
  4. Once all your questions are answered & you’re ready to join, I’ll send you the payment link.
  5. Once the payment is made, you’ll receive an email with access to the trainings & courses & you’ll be able to book the calls with me to start working together. Woohooo 🎉

DM me @vidzmaksocial on Instagram to ask right away. I’m always there to answer your questions.