Advanced Manual Pinning Hacks: Boost Blog Traffic to 10,000 Pageviews

Pinterest can be a great blog traffic booster…

…only if you know how to use it to your advantage!
You might already be getting some form of traffic from Pinterest but you want more!
Have you heard of manual pinning on Pinterest? Everyone’s been talking about it ever since Carly Campbell found this amazing technique that she uses to boost her traffic! And it seems like there is some secret that she knows about Pinterest that you don’t!
Don’t worry, today in this guide I’m going to talk about some of the very least known manual pinning techniques that is definitely gonna help you boost blog traffic.
These techniques have the ability to super-boost blog traffic.
I’m very well confident that you’ll find a few techniques that you never heard or known about! So, read every single point in detail!
Why are we looking for more traffic? I only care for more money!
Look at it this way:
If there’s no one visiting your site, who’s gonna purchase stuff from your links?
More traffic = More income
So, first, we need to boost blog traffic, and then blog income, right?
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Now that we are done with that, let’s dive in.
No budget for tailwind? Now worries, Here are 5 straight forward manual pinning strategies that wil boost your blog traffic even better than what tailwind would have done for you. Read them NOW!

Save it for later!


Manual pinning hacks that will boost your website traffic better than any scheduler. Yes, I said it. Now read these strategies right NOW before you forget to do so.No budget for tailwind? Now worries, Here are 5 straight forward manual pinning strategies that wil boost your blog traffic even better than what tailwind would have done for you. Read them NOW!  Pinterest schedulers are costly. Especially when you're not making any money from your blog, it's better to take down any costs that you can. Here comes a way to do Pinterest that will save you time + do the job better than schedulers. Start now.


Pinning to more boards will NOT help boost blog traffic!

It’s true, babes!
A few weeks ago, I used to re-pin one pin to 3-4 of my group boards (obviously in a non-spammy way), but I was getting the same old low traffic from Pinterest.
A few days ago, I changed my strategy and started pinning one pin to only one of the closely related group boards. And my traffic, shockingly, increased!
The number of users that I had visited my blog by the time I woke up was previously the TOTAL number of visitors for the whole day! That’s something interesting and, I decided to share it.
Seriously, I don’t know what Pinterest is doing in the background. But, if you are manually pinning, you need to pin one pin only to one related group board at a time. It’s fine if you re-pin the pin again the same day. But, don’t do it back to back. I think the Pinterest algorithm does not like this and reduces the pin’s reach!
If you want to give one blog post more traffic, then create 3-4 pins for that blog post, but re-pin one pin to only one group board! That way, you’re giving your blog post more ways to get exposure and making the Pinterest algorithm happy as well!
Update: If you want to pin the same pin to more than one boards in one shot, make sure you pin other pins in between. Don’t pin the same pin back to back to different group boards.
Take Away?
Create 4-5 pins for a single blog post, and re-pin each pin to only one group board at a time.

Pin more than once in a day!

Before you roll your eyes, I know this should go without saying…
Then why did I include this?
Because I know some of the “busy” manual pinning bloggers pin only once in a day or sometimes once in 2 days.
I used to do this when I was new to blogging, and hence I want to provide those bloggers, who are like me, an advice that they should pin AT-LEAST twice a day. Period.
If you find it difficult, block your time at-least twice in a day just for Pinterest. Pinterest awards those who visits Pinterest again and again.
What I like to do is, I set my alarm twice in a day and pin at those times. I also start pinning as soon as I wake up. So it’s three times in a day and I’m seeing huge positive changes in my Pinterest traffic after I’ve applied these changes to my schedule…
Take Away?
Set an alarm right now for pinning your pins twice in a day. Trust me, if you’re manually pinning, this will hugely increase your blog traffic.


Use Activity Tab

Go to your Pinterest profile and find the tab “Activity” and re-pin these pins to relevant boards.
These are the pins saved directly from your website to Pinterest, and hence these are completely new pins saved by ‘others’. So, if you give these pins a boost, they will boost your traffic – well, because you’re re-pinning other’s content!
I’ve done this and seen major boost in my blog traffic and so should you too.
Note: If this is a completely new trick for you, i.e., if you have never re-pinned content from the activity tab, then you will have many such pins in your activity tab. So, in order to give them a boost, don’t just sit in one round and re-pin all of those. Take a bunch of those everyday and make note of which ones you’ve pinned and which ones you’ve not. This way, you’ll boost your traffic everyday!

Create a secret board to boost blog traffic for new posts instantly

Go to your Pinterest Analytics and find the most re-pinned pins from each blog post.
Put all these pins in a single secret board. Then, pin from this board everyday to different related group boards.
Since this board has the highest re-pinned pins, Pinterest gives pins from this board higher reach.
NOW, the next time you write a new blog post, the first board that you pin its pin to is this secret board. This way, your new pin will receive higher reach from the very beginning & hence boost blog traffic from the very beginning because it’s a part of high re-pinning board! So simple, right?


Do Pinterest SEO

You might have heard people say that Pinterest is not a social media, and, in fact, a search engine.
So, you have to do some SEO to your pins for the Pinterest search engine to find your content…
But, the question is…
How do you do Pinterest SEO?
When you create a new pin, go to the Pinterest Search bar and search for your keyword there. Now, pay attention to the suggestions that come up as soon as you write your keyword. Look at image below:

Manual Pinning hack: keyword research for Pinterest SEO

The suggested keywords are those keywords that are searched the most, and hence, it makes sense to insert these keywords in your pin descriptions.
But make sure, you insert these keywords in a readable format. Don’t stuff pin descriptions with keywords. This is also good for getting traffic from Google!
So whenever someone will search for those keywords, your pins with those keywords in it will come forward – because you did SEO on them…
Pinterest SEO is the best way to boost blog traffic without doing much work from our side. Just set them once, & the pins will make their way to people by themselves (through search, of course).



A whole bunch of manual pinning strategies

No, the above strategies did not come to my mind instantaneously. These are the strategies that I applied above these manual pinning strategies. All of my strategies that I explained before are nothing compared to these strategies.
It is the most in-depth and the most neat Pinterest strategy that works like a charm. These strategies alone gives this woman more than 10,000 page-views per day. Why don’t you look at the proof in the image below…

How much traffic can Pinterest bring through manual pinning

This crazy blog traffic can be yours…

The picture above shows the crazy traffic, all from Pinterest!
All the strategies used for getting this much traffic are the ones I explained above combined with these manual pinning strategies. You saw the proof with your own eyes, now read these other strategies that will boost your Pinterest traffic like whooossh! Trust me!
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Hope you learned something new from this, if you did, don’t forget to share these ideas with your friends.

Vidhi Makwana

Marketing & Sales Mentor
for Leaders, Coaches & Personal Brands
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  • Hey! Thank you so much, I’ve been working A LOT on getting more traffic from pinterest. And this actually has given me hopes! But I don’t understand completely about the groupboards so for one single group bord I need to keep repinning it just once every day, a single pin? It would help if you can tell me if I’m right. And I’m not sure how you decide what pins are you going to re pin everyday, I think I’m lost. Thank you for reading!!

  • I pin 10-15 image daily but I did not get more than 30 visitor, what should I do? I pin daily with 1 new pin image manually need some tips on manual pinning from you

    • If you’re not getting visitors, there might be a number of reasons for it. Maybe your pin designs are not resonating with the viewers, or maybe the text overlays (headlines) on pins are not attractive enough! To make your headlines on the pins attractive and attention-grabbing, you can use coschedule’s headline analyzer before you create a new pin!

      Another reason might be that Pinterest does not work for your niche. You might need to evaluate your niche and see whether your competitors are getting traffic from Pinterest.

      Hope this helps!

  • Dear Vidhi,
    A Big shout out to you for all your efforts dear;)
    Thank you so much for in depth guide to Pinterest.It is a platform i still have to explore.This post is a motivation for me;)
    Lots of love girl

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