Bankable Content

Stop wasting time sharing just “educational content” on Instagram that does nothing to get you sales & let’s fill the gaps in your content strategy to start getting CLIENTS from your posts.

You’ll leave this 90-minute masterclass with a clear plan to map out your 30 days of content strategically — that you can implement immediately to start signing clients as soon as THIS month.

9-module TCA Course (2)

You'll learn:

  • How to use my unique content sales funnel to figure out the MAJOR gaps in your content strategy that’s ceasing your sales & learn how to fill those gaps to start signing clients starting THIS MONTH.
  • My “unstuck” content type that makes your audience WANT to pay for your services as soon as they read it even if you only have 100 followers (fyi: it’s not promotional or educational 😯)
  • How to strategically plan monthly content to sell multiple offers – plan to sell high-ticket AND low-ticket together strategically in the same month while making sales for BOTH (It took me YEARS to figure out this particular strategy!)
  • A solid but EASY to follow content plan that helps you stay consistent with your content even if your schedule is as hectic as a new mom (no more looks-good-on-paper-plan-but-I-never-follow)
  • How to finally create “content that converts” but takes less time using my content planning formula that cuts your content creation time by 50% while making your audience want to work with you with every new post.
  • How to plan your month’s worth of content in less than 20 minutes using my content planner spreadsheet that you can use TODAY & be ready for a month full of sales.
  • & so much more…

We kick off the masterclass on Wednesday, 26th April.

What my 1:1 clients are saying about this strategy —

But Vidhi, is this masterclass for me?

Bankable Content is for you if:

  • you know the importance of having a strategy behind your content in order to bring sales but don’t know how to do it effectively
  • you’re tired of posting without seeing any real results
  • your Instagram posts aren’t bringing you client inquiries (if this is true, you have gaps in your content sales funnel)
  • You have an offer to sell but you don’t know how to strategically map out your posts that takes your audience THROUGH a content sales funnel towards driving sales to your offer
  • You might have a lot of content ideas but feel disorganized in sharing these content ideas in a strategic way that brings sales
  • Every content plan you’ve seen & tried looks good on paper but you don’t seem to follow it
  • You wonder what you’re doing wrong!!?

Tell me if this is you...

  • You’d LOVE for someone to show you the gaps in your content strategy & the RIGHT content you need to fill that, so that you can finally start flooding in clients
  • You want to finally have YOUR OWN content plan that WORKS for YOU & makes you feel excited & motivated about content AGAIN!
  • You’d LOVE to able to create ‘content that converts’ but doesn’t take time
  • You DESIRE to know exactly what content to post to consistently attract (& convert) ideal clients
  • You’re ready to get out of the friend-zone forever & create a positioning that makes your ideal clients want to pay for your services

If your brain is screaming YES to these☝🏼, Bankable Content is for YOU.

What Clients are saying

9-module TCA Course (3)


Learn to map out your monthly content strategically that takes your audience through a CONTENT SALES FUNNEL & fills your DMs with "send me the link" DMs.
(so much better than chasing leads in the DMs)

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A 90-minute masterclass explaining the gaps in your content strategy & how to fill them in
Content Planner Spreadsheet based on your new planned sales funnel
We kick off on 26th April
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