How Sharing Educational Content kept me Broke (& what shifts I made to start making sales!)

In 2020, I was sharing ONLY educational content.

And this quickly made me the hero:

  • People would share my profile with everyone of their friends
  • They’d share with me their result screenshots from following steps from my posts
  • And I had minimum 10 shares & 30 saves on EACH post ????
  • People would ask about my coaching offers (which I didn’t have at the time)

Who would have thought all this would become a curse?!!

When I launched my coaching program…


All those people who used to ask me about my offers – ghosted me!

It was disappointing & discouraging.

After all the hard work I’d done to share all the good content…

After what I “thought” was a hot audience came out to be a VERY cold audience who didn’t want to buy from me.

I knew I was missing something!

Turned out…

I had a HUGE gap in my sales funnel.

I had to make changes to my content.

Here’s what I did…

I reduced the educational content & filled it with more of the “unstuck” content.

This content started building the TRUST & AUTHORITY that I was missing from my sales funnel.

After these changes, here’s what happened:

✅I sold out my 1:1 hashtag program – it was a HUGE success.

✅I sold out my course for which I sold 11 spots from just ONE Instagram post

✅I sold out my 1:1 intensive with just SEVEN posts on Instagram feed.

I knew I was on the right track so…

I created a strategic sales funnel based on the new changes I had made that brought these fantastic results

…& I’m still using the SAME content system till date with added improvements.

Want to learn about my content system that allows me to —

✅Post consistently without going crazy

✅Attract potential clients to my profile

✅Build the desire for my offers

✅Turn followers into clients using my feed content

I’m teaching my whole content system inside Bankable Content Masterclass.

You’ll learn how to close the the MAJOR gaps in your content strategy that’s ceasing your sales & start signing clients starting THIS MONTH (seriously!) using my unique content sales funnel.

Here’s the thing:

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Vidhi Makwana

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