Don’t make this #1 COSTLY mistake as a beginner entrepreneur that makes you LOSE money every.single.month

You started your business because you have the passion for it. You LOVE what you do & you wanna make it full-time.

You’re doing all the work…

You’re learning… not only YOUR niche-related stuff, but ALSO marketing.

You have a huge long-term goal for it.


You wanna work with clients. You want to be in-demand.

You want to be booked out (always).

But right now…

You don’t feel like an expert.

You feel like you still need to learn BEFORE you start working with clients.

You’re AFRAID to work with clients because you feel “I can’t give them results right now”.

I know this because I’ve been there myself.

I know what’s going on in your mind…

I’ll work with them when I’m “ready”.

When I know that I KNOW my stuff totally.

I can’t charge for THIS. I still have to learn more.

But here’s where you’re WRONG❌

Let’s future pace you towards what will happen IF you STILL wait to work with clients until you’ve gathered all the knowledge that you “think” that you need before you start working with them…

Let’s say, you WAITED to work with clients until you have all the knowledge in your niche & NOW is the time…⠀

You NOW want to work with clients.

You created a huge program that gives a MASSIVE result.

But this would be the first time for you working with clients, so…


1️⃣you don’t have RESULTS…

…to show your audience that you KNOW what you’re talking about.


2️⃣your ideal clients don’t trust you with results

…they aren’t ready for a huge investment in you bcz you never showed them that you can do this for them.


3️⃣you don’t feel confident charging the price you WANNA charge because…

  • You’ve never worked with clients before, you’re afraid whether you’ll be able to provide them RESULTS
  • You’ve never charged for your work before, so you aren’t confident charging (& not sure what should be your prices, either!)
  • Your ego is telling you I wanna charge high bcz I now have all the knowledge but you’re totally scared of what will I do if I’m unable to give results at higher price?

👉🏼This low confidence shows, not only on your face-to-cam trainings, but also your written content & you’re unable to sell your offer.


  • You waited too long to work with clients before
  • You waited too long to gather social proof before
  • You waited too long to build the confidence to start charging the right price from the beginning before

that NOW…

You’re desperate to work with clients quickly because you didn’t make a penny while waiting until you’ll be “ready”, until you “feel” like you’re an expert.

You have the knowledge but no one to pay for it & no confidence to charge for it either.

Here’s the thing:

💥Your audience doesn’t want the whole shebang from the get-go💥

You don’t have to take them from A to Z right from the start.

Find what you’re good at RIGHT NOW, take them from A to B. Master it, become known for it, & then move on.

You need to work with clients RIGHT NOW, in order to build your confidence, knowledge AND expertise ALONG WITH working with them & not *without* working with them.

This is very important to understand☝🏼

Think about it: Who would you prefer to work with?

  • Person A who just passed out of MBA & haven’t built a business in their life, or
  • Person B who haven’t gotten an MBA degree, but has built a 6-figure business & have helped their clients do that as well.

If you’re anything like me, you’d prefer working with Person B.

That is why, it’s very important that you build your expertise WHEN you’re still learning, gather social proof ALONG WITH that. Build your expertise in your space RIGHT NOW before you think about creating a huge big program that provides a huge result from A to Z.

Right now, all you need is just to bring them from A to B, a small win, but a good one, that not only gets you started working with them, but gives you the confidence charging for your expertise, make you money WHILE you’re still learning AND builds your expertise in your space all at the same time.

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I’m curious: Have you been holding back working with clients because you don’t feel ready or because you feel you’re not an expert yet? Comment below 👇🏼

Vidhi Makwana

Marketing & Sales Mentor
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