Instagram Challenge: Grow Your Instagram With Me

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I want to grow my Instagram account

Are you struggling to grow your Instagram account?

Do you think your Instagram followers are never engaging with your content?

Are you getting stuck within others’ follow/unfollow games?

This post will solve ALL your such problems.

Struggles with Instagram
Is this you?

I get too many DMs and emails asking me how to grow Instagram account.

Now, I do have an Instagram account that provide Instagram tips but I also post many other things there.

So, I created a brand new Instagram account to help others grow WITH ME and to prove that growing from scratch need NOT be that difficult.

In this new account, I’m going to share everything in my posts about what should be done and what I’m doing to grow this account.

While I was creating my own strategy to grow my new account, it occurred to me that I should share this strategy with my readers.

So, I created an ultimate 90-Day Instagram Plan to help grow your account to 1000 Instagram followers in just 90 days.

You know – the first 1000 followers are the hardest! The next benchmark comes real easy once you’re past this number.

Click on the image below to download the plan.

90-day Instagram Plan

Now, if you are someone who is still struggling to promote your business/blog on Instagram, you can join me, start a new Instagram account, download the 90-Day Instagram Plan, follow my new account and replicate my advice from my new posts and my Instagram plan.

Struggling to grow blog-biz on Instagram
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What you’ll learn from this new account

  • You’ll get a LOT of Instagram tips
  • You’ll start looking at your Instagram page in a completely different way
  • You’ll start learning about strategies THAT WORK on Instagram
  • You’ll gain new followers and grow your account faster

Have a look at the content that I’ve published till now…

If you feel you’d be interested in reading such content, go ahead and follow the account here.

Instagram content
Interested in learning about such content? Then, read these here and hit that follow button.

This account is going to be completely dedicated to Instagram tips – and nothing else.

This means, I’ll start with the beginning what you should do on your account when you open a brand new account and then gradually go on to share the advanced Instagram tips.

This way, you can EITHER start a new account and grow along with me, OR start optimizing your existing account as and when my new posts start coming up.

This is kind of a challenge to help you grow your Instagram account WITH ME.

Let me call it GIWM (Grow Instagram With Me).

Instagram challenge: click on me to get free Instagram tips right inside your Instagram feed.
Does it get any better than this?

So, are you ready to grow your Instagram account?

Then, download the 90-day Instagram plan here, then follow my new account here and start reading from the first post and start optimizing your Instagram account.

I want to help you as much as I can. I don’t just want to teach you, but I want to transform your Instagram account so that you can start seeing results from it.

Also, I’d love to chat with you. If you are following me, send me a ‘hi’ on Instagram and let me know what your struggles are, so that I can include solutions to those in my next posts.

I’m building up a list of the questions that my audience wants to listen about so that I can build future posts accordingly.

I’ll see you there.



P.S. 2 simple steps to grow your Instagram account faster:

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