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In this episode, I’m sharing some strategic & mindset tips to build your authority.

If you’ve been stuck in the posting cycle, aka, you keep posting & posting everyday but no sign of clients. You lack authority.

If your audience loves your content for the free information you share, but they never PAY to work with you, you’re stuck in the friend-zone & I’ll share in this training how to get out of that.

If you want to attract HELL YES clients who are READY TO PAY instead of chasing them in the DMs, then listen on to this episode.

Find out inside this episode:

  • How authority will help you make high-ticket sales (even if you have only 100 followers right now)
  • The different types of posts you can create that will position you as an authority (you don’t need client testimonials for this!)
  • Building authority at different places on Instagram – set a first impression as THE GO-TO authority
  • Your checklist of things to do daily that will automatically position you as the authority
  • and more…


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