Day – 5: SISF Challenge – VidzMak

Day – 5: SISF Challenge


Starting on Instagram with a Solid Foundation Challenge – Lesson 5

Today, I’m going to share what should be your content strategy on the first day of Instagram to build a SOLID foundation right from the beginning!
👉 Read until the end, I have to tell you something special 🎁
So, these are the first day posts you must put out, in order to build a foundation base from the very beginning:


  1. First post: Introduce yourself and why this account, with a selfie of yours
  2. Second post: Provide a freebie (a really big one that gives a quick win into on of their major problem)
  3. Third post: Why this account is all about them, not about you. Ask for their biggest struggle when it comes to (your niche).


Post stories with same details (don’t forget to add hashtags to your stories)
  1. Introduce yourself with a video of you talking to them
  2. Next story should be, a video about how to access the freebie (not many people know what’s link in bio, so you need to tell them how to access)
  3. Next story: ask the question with the question feature – “what’s their biggest struggle when it comes to…”


Add these stories to a highlight named -> Start Here.


Invite your subscribers and other social media friends to follow you on Instagram.
There you have it. Now you have a well-thought Instagram strategy that will attract your audience to your account. This is what we call an Instagram content strategy. A content strategy is well-thought and built as per your business needs.
Since our business need according to our example was to build brand awareness on Instagram, our content for the whole month is going to be all about that. This will help you get recognized on Instagram and people will start jumping in to your account because they can resonate with you!

🎁 Now, tell me, how would it feel…

if you could have a fool-proof plan for you Instagram goals that gives you *real* results?
if you could have clients and/or customers coming in from Instagram every week?
Or, if you could promote your business on Instagram knowing exactly *how* (no frustration, no overwhelm)?
You could have the complete roadmap to a strategy that does NOT need to be changed with Instagram algorithm!
How would it feel?
If all you could feel was the excitement to get all of this and think about “this is what I want” then, I have something REALLY special coming in for you (Hint: It’s not what you think). Keep your eyes on your inbox for it 😉
I’ll see you next time, till then, bbye.🙋‍♀️ 

P.S. Along the this journey of 5-day challenge, we built a content strategy for starting a solid Instagram account on Instagram.

You must now be able to post on Instagram with confidence so that those posts well-align with your goals to fulfill those. I’ll talk more about aligning Instagram strategy with business goals in my next few emails.

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