Day – 2: SISF Challenge – VidzMak

Day – 2: SISF Challenge


Starting on Instagram with a Solid Foundation Challenge – Lesson 2


So, in lesson one, we talked about what NOT to do, and how those things keep you inside the vicious circle, where you just keep moving into the same place over and over again on Instagram.

Here’s a quick refresher of how the vicious circle looks like:

Vicious circle of Instagram


If you missed the first lesson, here’s the link to get back on track:


Click here for SISF Challenge #1

Today we are going to talk about how to avoid getting into this vicious trap.

Notice that the first stage to enter into this circle is “not knowing your audience” and as a result we start attracting the wrong audience!

We need to attract the right audience in order to get revenue out of our marketing, right? For that, we need to know the different stages through a person goes through before following you.

Look at the image below for that:

Stages of a follower


This image might seem a bit intimidating. But, trust me this will become much clearer in a while.

1. Look at the purple blocks in the image. These are the stages to which you have control on -> We’ll call this “actions”


2. The blue blocks in the image are the attraction factors for those of your actions. So, for instance, your comments are your actions, but with your comment, your profile picture is also visible there. So, your comment and your profile picture are the attraction factors for your action – comment.


3. Now, the grey blocks which are visible at the top of the image are the places at which those actions are visible. So, your comment action might be visible at your own posts or on other’s posts. Got my point?


Now, let me explain how these pathways work:

1. You leave a comment on someone’s post. Those who read your comment might find your comment or profile picture interesting and visit your profile. Now, if your profile (which consists of your bio and the visual theme), is attractive enough, the person would follow you.


2. Same way, look at the last pathway in the image. You leave likes on someone’s posts. That person will receive a notification (which is in the grey block because that is the place at which this action – leaving a like – is visible). Now that person might find your profile picture, or username, or name interesting and might visit your profile. Again, if your bio and visual theme are attractive enough, you’ll get a follow.


Go through the image above and you’ll be able to track all the possible pathways that a person could go through before visiting your profile.


The important thing to notice here is that all the pathways include YOUR actions (purple boxes) that plays a major role in making YOUR audience irresistible to visit your profile.

So, your goal should be to make all these actions optimized for your ideal client, so that you only attract your ideal client. No more wrong followers. And hence, no more going into the vicious trap!

These actions include:

1. Your comments

2. Your stories and posts

3. Your hashtags

4. Your username and name

5. Your likes and follows

6. Your profile

7. Your bio and visual theme


In order to optimize these for your audience, it is highly necessary that you KNOW your audience.

Now, I assume that you at least have an idea of WHO your audience is. So, we’re not gonna into detail about that.

Today, we are only going to do a research on your audience.

This is what I want you do today:


1. Facebook groups

Go to Facebook groups that you are a part of. Search for the keywords:

1. your subject + help

2. your subject + no idea

3. your subject + how to


And write down the problems that your audience is facing. Write these in their own words.

We are going to use their own words in our posts, stories, bio, and comments to make our brand new Instagram profile irresistible to them.

Do the same kind of research on other platforms as well:

1. Pinterest

2. Buzzsumo

3. Answer the public

4. Ubersuggest

5. Influencers – This is highly important!



Why influencers?

Because they are doing this for a long time, they know what works with their audience, and since you are going to attract the same audience, you need to know what works with them.

We are not taking the hard way, we are using the smart way by researching this in advance so that we don’t have to figure everything out on our own.

Now, on the influencer’s pages and blogs, I want you to look at the content that went viral on their page, or at least has more than the average engagement on their profile. Look at the comments on their posts to determine what your audience is looking for. There you’ll also find some questions they need answers to.


2. Research your audience

Now, I want you to find a few people on Instagram who might be a good fit to be YOUR audience.

Visit 10-20 of such profiles and write down the commonalities in them. This is what you’re looking for:

1. What do they like?

2. What are they interested in?

3. Which age groups do they belong to?

4. Where do they hang out?

5. Which countries do you target? (If you’re targeting a specific group of countries, then look for accounts from those countries.)

6. Which hashtags do they use? (Tip: Using a few of these hashtags in your own posts opens the possibilities of these people viewing your posts and hence attracted to your account!)


The point here is to note down every little detail about your target audience that might help you in attracting your audience, and promoting your products.



Today’s Action Step:

Do a complete research on your target audience, so that you know

1. what are they interested in,

2. what do they like,

3. what are their struggles,

4. which hashtags do they use, etc, etc.


We’ll use this information in our next lesson for creating a solid Content Plan that will make your profile irresistible to your audience. See you there.🙋‍♀️




P.S. Long, wasn’t it? Here’s the summary:

Do a complete research on your target audience, so that you know what are they interested in, what do they like, what are their struggles, and which hashtags do they use.

We’ll use this information tomorrow for creating a solid Content Plan that will make your profile irresistible to your audience. See you there.