Day 1 SISF – VidzMak

Day 1 SISF


Starting on Instagram with a Solid Foundation Challenge – Lesson 1


Here’s today’s action step for you:

If you’ve been making these mistakes on Instagram, NOW is the time to improve them. 


1. Check engagement rate

Check your engagement rates on Instagram and try to improve. Here are the formulas for calculating your engagement rate:

👉  Average number of engagement of last 7 posts = (number of likes + comments + saves + clicks of last 7 posts) / 7

👉  Engagement Rate  =  (Average number of engagement/Number of followers)  *  100


1. If your engagement rate is above 5%, you’re doing an awesome job.

2. If your engagement rate is 4%, you’re doing good, but can be improved.

3. If your engagement rate is between 2-3%, you can do better.

4. If your engagement rate is 1% – Dear, you really need to work hard. But, if you have more than 20k followers, 1% is not bad AT ALL. It’s not possible to engage all 20k followers or at least 50% of them, is it?

Now, start working on increasing engagement rather than chasing the number of followers!


2. Download your workbook

Here’s your complimentary workbook. Download it if you haven’t already:

Download the workbook


3. Share

Do you have a biz friend, who might learn from this? Share the knowledge you just gained with your biz friends!

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P.S. Next lesson:

How NOT to fall into the deadly circle of Instagram and how to attract the RIGHT audience!