Day 4: SISF Challenge – VidzMak

Day 4: SISF Challenge


Starting on Instagram with a Solid Foundation Challenge – Lesson 4

Today we’re talking about drawing Instagram visitors to become followers.
Let’s get a little backwards into our lessons. Remember we talked about the different pathways a person passes through before following you?
Your bio and your visual theme are the ones where every pathway collides. You remember?
This means whatever you do, no matter how much better your content is, if your bio and visual themes aren’t good enough, you will not get as many followers as you want.
Because there’s nothing that is compelling them to follow!
And that is why, today, we are going to write a very compelling Instagram bio, that will make your account irresistible to follow!
A bio should always change according to what stage you’re in and what is your current goal on Instagram.
Since, we’re taking the example of a starter, our goal is to grab people’s attention and make them hit that follow button.
Now, again, do you remember we did an audience research on day two? This is where it is going to help us today.
Doing an audience research lets us know deeply about what they crave about, what they search on the Internet and what are their current struggles with your niche.
We are going to use these things to attract them to our brand new Instagram account.


Let’s say I’m a fashion blogger who specializes in fashion for overweight women.
After doing the research I came to know that these women are struggling with outfit ideas for their body types. They want to look slimmer, but don’t know which outfits will be best for their body types.
So, I’ll use this as my weapon for attracting them to my account. My bio would include something like this:
Wanna look slimmer without exercise?
Fashion blogger to the rescue
Outfit ideas according to body types
Go through my posts & get outfit ideas for YOU
This is completely hypothetical and I’m not a fashion blogger. I’m sure a fashion blogger can make it even more attractive. But, THIS is basically what I want you to do with your account.
And you know what, it just came to me that this blogger can start making money from the very beginning. She can provide affiliate links to such outfits in her bio (without being pushy at all, remember, our goal is NOT to sell, we are just trying to help those people by giving them a direction from where they can find those outfits). So this blogger can earn some income while trying to provide value to her audience.
Here’s a quick tip for you:
If you want to add more than one link on Instagram, you can use a service called which has free and paid plans. Free plan is enough for almost anyone except you want to really customize your design.

Now, let’s talk about what should your Instagram bio include:


Instagram Bio


1. Your introduction

2. Who is this account for

3. What can they expect from this account (hint: solution to their pain points)

4. What is there for them?

5. A CTA to let them go through posts, or follow you, or visit the link in bio.


Instagram Theme

After writing a compelling bio, I want you to focus on picking a really nice visual theme. Visual theme makes sure that your profile doesn’t look cluttered and looks beautiful at first sight.
Go through this post: 21 Instagram theme ideas from PreviewApp.
Choose one theme that will go good with your brand colors and personality. (Remember, choose one to which you can stick to!)
There you have it!
Your perfect Instagram account.
For now, bbye.


Upcoming lesson:

Succeeding the first day on Instagram. Revealing what should be a person’s content strategy on the first day to build a solid foundation from day 1!