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Want to USE Instagram to bring in consistent customers & clients?

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You’re looking for more Instagram followers and you’re searching all over Internet about how to get more Instagram followers FAST. But are you able to CONVERT current Instagram followers into your business goals?

I’m sure you know that gaining followers is NOT your REAL goal. Your real goal is to convert those followers into clients & customers, or at the least, engagement – that would help you get sponsored opportunities, right?

So, what if you could create Instagram Content that could cause people to engage with you? What if your Instagram Content could attract more sales?

Here’s where my ebook Instagram Content Strategy comes into play…

So, what is Instagram Content Strategy?

The Instagram Content Strategy is a unique eBook for bloggers & solopreneurs that is a complete solution to aligning your Instagram with your business goals, so that you’re not just collecting followers, but instead, moving them forward into YOUR business.

There’s no point in just keeping followers. They will only give you likes and comments. You want MORE than that. And that is what Instagram Content Strategy will teach you.


The Instagram Content Strategy works for you, regardless of Instagram updates.


Review from Sarah, one of my Beta Testers:

(I can now become an Instagram Coach myself!)

Sarah's review


“I bought Instagram Content Strategy and immediately started reading it. I had a few questions & caught Vidhi on Instagram with those. She answered all my questions very humbly and even followed up with me after a few days. It was like I had my own tutor for free! I’ve read her book thrice till now & I guess I’ll be reading again when I want more ideas for my Instagram. Just so you know, it is the only Instagram book out there that has visual examples of the quality of photos you should post. I’ve become a fan of her (more after knowing her personally), you’d be too. Just do what she says, and you’ll see how it all turns out magically.”
-Laura Williams



(Loads! Take a look…)




All of this, is what you get in a 140+ page eBook, so there’s no B.S at all. It gets straight to what you need to know in order to use my content strategy!


“Instagram Content Strategy has truly changed my Instagram. I had started with knowing NOTHING about a content strategy (I seriously didn’t know a content strategy could make SO much difference!) to having a solid content strategy for my Instagram that I’m completely confident in. Vidhi’s strategy is completely unknown (or maybe no one talks about that! I don’t know much.) But what I do know is that these strategies are not shortcuts or peepholes, they are straight-out, real strategies that don’t depend on algorithms. So, an algorithm won’t affect your ‘plan’ at all. I suggest anyone who’s looking to grow their Instagram to invest in this eBook. It’s too affordable in terms of what you’ll receive in return. “

-James Simon


“I am impressed! Honestly saying, I was putting way too much time in bringing everything together and building strategies for my Instagram, but never got the results that I wanted. I had no idea why my content wasn’t appealing to my audience! But your book has connected all the dots together. It has reduced my time spent on Instagram and it is giving me so much better results than ever! Especially, the concept of content fillers is amazing for saving time. I’m thankful to you for creating this book.”

-Brian Ferrell





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The Reality is we need an audience THAT CONVERTS in order to sell our products & make money.

The only question is do you want to struggle and pay-to-play to get them or WIN them over WITHOUT THE PAIN?




Just finished reading the content strategy book and loved everything about it. It is easier now to brainstorm about my niche and how to convert the suggestions to that. Thank you for that I also loved the examples because it makes it easier to work with an already set example. The book is beautifully written and the content suggestion is gold.

– Jacinta Amutsa


“Instagram Content Strategy has been the best investment for my Instagram and business so far. I have tried these nifty little strategies like automated bots to do the ‘popular’ follow-unfollow but they never fulfilled me and my business. I was posting on Instagram hoping my pictures would take off some day, but my posts would never connect with my business goals. After going through Instagram Content Strategy, I have clear defined goals and a well-written strategy that I’m sure of that they would work.”

– Katherine Bolder



“Instagram Content Strategy is just what I needed. I had given up on Instagram when I came across Instagram Content Strategy. I wasn’t sure if this was the best choice, so I reached out to Vidhi and she convinced me to invest in it. I must say, I didn’t regret. The way I look at Instagram is completely different now. It doesn’t seem difficult AT ALL. The Instagram Content Strategy has answered all my questions I had about Instagram & I completely understand why I never need to worry about Instagram algorithm updates now.”

-Kristen S.






Is this book completely theoretical or does it have actionable steps?

What is your refund policy?

I own a blog, will your strategies help me get page-views on my blog and get my blog noticed?

I have a product-based business and want to promote it on Instagram. Will this strategy work for me?

Does the book include how to capture beautiful pictures and edit them?

I’m not sure whether this eBook is right for me/I have other questions.






Umm… Who am I?

Vidhi MakwanaHi, I’m Vidhi & I help bloggers and solopreneurs, just like you, to build their audiences on Instagram that aligns with their business goals.

But, things weren’t always this way for me.

I started a blog & I knew I needed an audience to hit all of my goals but I was really struggling…

And I knew that Instagram was working for so many people but I just couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong. I’d read hell lot of content on the Internet & try out every strategy to get it right, I’d make my own strategies, I’d post consistently. But whatever I did… nothing seemed to work.

I’d get likes and comments for sure. But, I didn’t know how to align those with my blogging goals without being sleazy! I understood very quickly that just having followers is of no use until I have them interested in my business. No one seemed to know what I did for a living, and worse, no one seemed to be interested in it either.

I’d keep checking my traffic & clicks through my Instagram link & they just weren’t moving! I can still feel that frustration right now.

Then, I took 2-3 Instagram courses and those didn’t answer my questions. Everyone seemed to show a strategy to increase the number of followers – which wasn’t my “REAL GOAL”. What I was looking for is how do I make my followers interested in what I do! How do I convert them into my subscribers, then my customers and then my repetitive customers.

I was almost done with Instagram forever. I was secretly thinking about completely shutting down my account and not even bothering with it. But I had “wasted” so much time around Instagram that I wanted it to work, and THIS was killing me!

Then one day, when I was listening to this audio book, walking by the side-walk, it ticked me that what I was trying to do was completely doable just gotta look at it from a certain angle and use a particular strategy. So I got back home and created a content strategy & stuck with it.

The results?

I was able to make my first $100 within 3 days with just 930 followers! (Okay, I’m lying, I made $102.4, to be specific). That’s not much, but yes, it proved that my strategy works.

Then, I tried using this strategy for increasing my mailing list & it still worked! And eventually I realized that this simple strategy works for everything:

Now THIS is called Conversion! And THAT is the REAL goal. (Not gaining 10,000 followers!)

I shared this with my blogger friends & they said it was something they’ve never heard of, and never thought of it this way. It was pure gold – it worked for them too.

Today, I’ve shared this with dozens of bloggers & solopreneurs and it’s given them amazing results. But 1-on-1 coaching was time consuming and I wanted to make this to reach as many people as possible.

I had once never thought this was possible but today, this strategy is helping me to help more people to build better audience (that converts), income and reach their business goals. I can’t believe that now, this is actually working.

I had tried everything I could, I was at the end of my tether and I know that you might feel this as well.

But, take it from me – this IS possible. And I’ll show you how.




Instagram Content Strategy Book

Think about this…

How would you feel if a year from now, you were still in this exact situation. You were still doing the same things as you are doing now and not getting results? Free stuff over Internet does not guarantee your growth and most of them is outdated! Plus, think about the time you’ll waste and most importantly, the clients you’ll lose while you are on search of a strategy that works for YOU.

I have been through this, and God knows how many customers I’ve lost along this stupid journey of learning from free stuffs. I don’t want YOU to go through all of that.

If you’re getting what I just said, even a little bit? It means that you don’t have to be in that place a year from now because I’m going to guide you through the complete process to achieving the outcome that YOU want and a strategy that work for YOU, so YOU don’t have to be in this position a year from now. Trust me when I say this.






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