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Instagram Content Strategy Special Link


If no, then this is a gap between your Instagram content and your business goals.

And that is because you don’t have a SOLID PLAN that aligns your Instagram with your business.


Introducing the "Instagram CONTENT STRATEGY"

The wildly transforming plug-and-play framework to seamlessly move your followers through their purchasing journey.

It will show you how to create a system that builds an ENGAGING audience & directly ties your Instagram posts to traffic & revenue.

(Did I mention it comes with over $139 worth of free bonuses too?)

Instagram Content Strategy Course

…including more than 100+ content ideas for your Instagram posts, stories, captions and highlights!

Take the burden of building an engaged audience who wants to BUY off of your already stressed shoulders forever…

Original Course Price $179

Your Price if you purchase within 2 days: JUST $42

That’s 76% off your investment.

But you only have 2 days to score the savings.

This ONE framework is all you need to seamlessly move your followers through their purchasing journey.

Effortlessly make your followers to TAKE ACTION!

Are your Instagram followers just sitting there taking no action of visiting your website or purchasing your products?

This is a HUGE problem with most NEW brands because they are unable to link their Instagram posts with their products & services.

Imagine being able to roam stress-free because your Instagram is already bringing traffic & sales for your business!

And that’s because you have now built a genuine connection with them!

No more worrying about what to post today to hit this month’s sales target.

Your Instagram Content Strategy will take care of everything.

Well, this sure sounds like a dream for a newbie on Instagram, right?

But, instead using the proven formula from this course, even a toddler can start promoting a business on Instagram – successfully! (IF he has brains)

Pretty sweet, right?

“Something that not a lot of courses provide!”

Just finished going through the course and it is so amazing! I'm now overflowing with ideas. I can now see why my Instagram was not working for me!

I know so much now that I can myself become an Instagram coach myself! That is something that not a lot of courses provide.

I can't thank you much. I just want to say that you have done a great job! Thanks again!

What's included?

Instagram Content Strategy 2
  • The #1 strategy to grow your first (or, next) 1000 followers in the next 30 days WITHOUT spending a dime on ads
  • A simple 30-day launch strategy that will CONVERT your followers into customers within 30 days
  • How to attract the RIGHT audience to your Instagram instead of shooting in the dark & hoping for it
  • The #1 thing you need that will keep your fans coming back for more
  • How to STOP worrying about algorithm changes forever (because that won’t affect your strategy anymore!)
  • Why following the most ‘popular’ [but stupid] strategy about follow-unfollow will RETARD YOUR GROWTH on Instagram and what to do instead
  • Grasp the ins-and-outs of how to map out & launch your own profitable content strategy campaigns to skyrocket your business (no more confusion, just an actionable plan for results) (Note: This strategy alone is worth the cost of the course)
  • 4 Marketing Blueprints that you can follow to reach your business goals (for service-based, coaching & digital-product businesses)
  • Clear and straight-forward advice that will INSTANTLY land you sponsorship opportunities from established brands (if that’s your REAL goal)
  • Strategies that will instantly beat Instagram algorithm (No more worrying about algorithm changes)

Original Course Price $179 

Your Price for 2 days: JUST $42

(That’s over 75% off. #exciting)

But you only have 2 days to score the savings.

YAY! I’m so excited!

This ONE framework is all you need to seamlessly move your followers through their purchasing journey.

Oh, and there's bonuses too!

Instagram Planner Course (Value $83)

  • Monthly & Weekly Instagram Planners (Value $21)
  • “Caption that Sells” Caption Template (Value $27)
  • Instagram Product Launch Planner (Value $35)
300+ Affiliate Programs for you to Join

300+ Affiliate Programs List (Value $37)

Let’s make some money, ehh? To kickstart your money making journey on Instagram, I have compiled a list of more than 300 

Ultimate guide of FREE Resources for Instagram (Value $19)

If my Instagram Content Strategy doesn’t feed your soul, you are also getting a list of FREE RESOURCES for Instagram.

Ultimate Guide of Free Resources for Instagram

Grab The Instagram Content Strategy + All 3 Bonuses for only $179 $42 Today.

This special deal is only available on this page and you won’t see this again…ever. So if you’re drawn to this offer, order now and save yourself 76%.

Instagram Content Strategy Program

This ONE framework is all you need to seamlessly move your followers through their purchasing journey.

Got questions?

Heya! Great question! This course is completely filled with actionable steps. At the end of each chapter you’re prompted to download a worksheet that helps you go through the steps covered in the chapter so that you can set yourself up for success.

Plus, I’ll be sending you eye-opening emails from time-to-time so that you stay focused on your goals and accomplish those. You can even hit reply to my emails if you see yourself stuck at a point. So, it’s a win-win for you in either of the cases!

Because of the nature of the product, all sales on digital downloads are non-refundable. Once purchased, the product will be yours forever. Please get in touch via if you have any questions about the contents of this course.

Of course. The Instagram Content Strategy goes through strategies for ANY goal you might have for your blog/business or even just for your Instagram. I have also included breakthrough strategies to promote your blog-posts to make your followers JUMP on TO READ them. So there’s nothing to be worried about. If you’re a blogger, I’ve taken care of everything you need inside.

Instagram Content Strategy focuses on building a solid strategy for your business goals. But yes, it covers which type of pictures get the most engagement and which type of posts you should be posting on Instagram to get the maximum output.

The Instagram Content Strategy works best for coaches, bloggers and solopreneurs and anyone who runs a service-based business. (Not so much e-commerce or product-based businesses).

Once your (tiny) investment has gone through, you will get an email with your access to the course.

No! Nothing fancy needed. While you CAN jump-start your audience by investing a little money in ads, but that is not a necessity.

No worries! If you’re unsure, flick me an email over at and I’ll help you figure out if it’s right for you.

Sure! You can click here. Or slap the button below.

“Really transformative and helped me establish the connection with customer!”

Wow! Just going through ICS (before implementing what I’ve learnt) I can feel myself changing how I look at Instagram.

Before joining ICS, I didn’t know how to show people what I do, or how to connect with my audience on Instagram. But now, honestly it’s been really transformative & helped me establish that connection from follower to loyal fan and eventually customer!

The best part was all the worksheets that really made me work & think how my brand can improve and really gave me actionable help.

I’d recommend ICS to anyone who is struggling to build, grow & really nurture their Instagram! Not only is it focused on the main thing Instagram wants, it shows you how to build your business using this app, which is really what we all need and want right?

Rosaura Thun
rosaura thun

Snag your copy of the Instagram Content Strategy with over 100+ Instagram content ideas & $139+ bonuses for Just $42.

Instagram Content Strategy

This ONE framework is all you need to seamlessly move your followers through their purchasing journey.