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Last updated on February 20th, 2019

I know why you’re here. You’re looking for a quick hack that will instantly increase your Instagram followers.
When I first started out on Instagram for promoting my blog, I was JUST LIKE YOU.
Always looking out for the easiest and fastest way to get more followers quickly. And I was frustrated with my followers numbers not going up – even when I was following “everything” that I had read on the Internet written by experts.

I used to read a LOT of articles on the Internet…

I’d stumble upon every other article that says “How I increased my followers in 1 month”. 

But every time, all these articles would tell me to do just one thing – follow/un-follow.


The Follow/Unfollow Strategy

If you don’t know what this strategy is, then I’ll explain it here in brief…

This is basically, mass following people & liking a few posts of their “in hopes” that they would follow you back. If they don’t follow you, you simply unfollow them after a day or so.


And since there are so many articles like these on the Internet, it has kind of become a trend on Instagram and almost EVERYBODY uses this strategy (except newbies, of course). Moreover, there’s been a growing surge of Instagram bots specifically designed to do this follow/unfollow thing for you, so you don’t have to do it manually.


If you’ve been struggling on Instagram, you pretty much know this strategy already… You might be getting 10 followers today and losing 15 tomorrow. It’s kind of heart-brokening. But, you have to deal with it!


My take on the Follow/Unfollow Strategy? Does it work?

It’s lame (& kind of selfish)!

If you know me at all, you know that I have tried pretty much every strategy on Instagram (and kind of gained and lost my status on Instagram during this journey). I’ve used this strategy as well, and I must say, that it works – for gaining followers!


But, if you want really engaging followers who take interest in your business, it doesn’t work… (Yes, I said it).

It worked a while ago, but doesn’t work now…


See, this is what happens on the other hand.

There are SO many people on Instagram who know about the follow/unfollow strategy. And all they care about is retaining their current followers. So, when they know that they’ve been followed/unfollowed, they start following back everyone only because they don’t want to lose them.

So, if you got followed back by such people, are they actually interested in your content? IT’S NOT GUARANTEED. Most probably not. They don’t even care what your account is about! And that is why – they are just a number on your profile. Nothing else. They will never engage with your content – ever…


Now your question might be, right now…

But what if I only want followers? I don’t care if they engage.

Right now my focus is to increase followers…

Is this you? I mean, sure you might be thinking like this, or you might not. But I WAS thinking like this at a point in my life…

And I hate that I did so many stupid things in this crazy chase of followers.


So, what changed my mind later on?

It looks cool to show-off to people that I have these many followers. BUT… when you post something? There are crickets!

How insulting it feels to show-off that I gained 1000 followers all by myself, and then when you post something, you have only 20 likes sticking to your post. And that too – from your friends and relatives!


Another shocker…

I was trying to promote my blog on Instagram. Similar to as you might be trying to promote something on Instagram. May be you are a YouTuber who is trying to grow her channel, or may be you have a store  and want to sell your stuff on Instagram. You obviously have a goal – to promote something! If not, why are you even trying to get more followers on Instagram?

If you don’t get it, think of it like this – once you’ve got followers, then what?

What do you ultimately want from your followers? At the least, you’re promoting yourself! 

Am I right? (Does all this make sense?)


So, once you know what your goal is, you want followers that take interest in it – in your business, so that your promotions actually work, right?. You don’t want just any random follower, but the right one.


So, think about this – if your followers are not engaging with your normal content, how are they gonna engage with your business promotions?

So, this is what I learnt:

Followers from follow/unfollow simply don’t care about your damn business! Because they followed you just for the sake of not getting unfollowed. These are the wrong followers!

You need the RIGHT followers (those that have interest in your business) to promote your business on Instagram.


And follow/unfollow will just give you a bunch of random followers…


“MORE FOLLOWERS” is the first step of the equation of promoting your business. Messing up there, is like setting yourself up for failure.


If you’re only looking for followers right now, then you’re only thinking about NOW – but what about tomorrow, when you want to make money? What about when you actually go in and start promoting your stuff?

Even brands are looking for engaged audience when they look for sponsored promotions. So if your ultimate goal is to work with brands, you still need an engaged audience. You getting me?


Don’t forget about your actual goal…


Let me explain, how this goes…

Followers > Engagement > Deep Engagement > Sales (Successful promotion)


So, if you’re only thinking about the first step and not thinking of the other steps, you’re missing the point!


What is the value of collecting followers who are not interested in your business? If they are not interested, they would never engage! If they never engage, they would never buy (which is the whole point of successful promotions).


So, your actual goal should NEVER be to just gain followers, but to gain followers who are actually interested in your business!


And THIS can never be achieved through follow/unfollow. So, now that you know follow/unfollow is out of the way. What SHOULD you do?


What should you do if you’re not following/unfollowing?

There are many Instagram hacks, I could give you one of them, and they would work (like the follow/unfollow). And you’d think Vidhi’s articles have immense information, her strategies actually work. And you’d start following me from heart. I can do that.




The problem is that such hacks always leave a loophole. Like the follow/unfollow strategy had. Similarly, buying followers, Instagram bots, growth bots, or any businesses that promise to provide you “organic” growth all of them have loopholes.


You already know by now, that non-engaging people are just adding a number to your account. They are not engaging, and hence not buying, and hence adding no value to your account!


Moreover, these followers are reducing your chances of being seen by more people on Instagram!


Wanna know how?

Instagram algorithm looks at your engagement to determine how good your content is. And by knowing how good your content is, it determines how much they should promote your account to others.


This proves that if your engagement is low, Instagram will automatically retard your progress on Instagram. (Does this make sense? Cool.)


So, what should you do instead?

If you’re really serious about your growth on Instagram, you need to focus on organic growth. Stop looking for hacks and stop looking for shortcuts because all these are just gonna hurt your progress in the long run. Seriously, believe me or not, I’ve done it all – and hence, I’m giving you this honest advice.


Yes, it’s hard. It’s hard to stay patient and watch the slow growth (though there ARE organic ways to grow faster – coming back there soon). And many of you will want to take a step back from Instagram after reading this, because they simply are impatient and don’t want to wait longer for their “success”. They don’t want to work hard – and the excuse might be that they don’t have enough time for this. And I get it. They might not have, but YOU are not one of them because YOU are not a quitter.


Organic Ways to Grow Faster

As I said before there are organic ways to grow faster, let’s talk about that. I’m sure you’ve already heard of them, but never tried them for some reason. Let me give you a few of those… Instagram ads, shoutout-for-shoutout (S4S), holding giveaways, posting quality content etc.


Told you, you’ve already heard of them, but never tried. Can I ask why?

May be because you don’t wanna spend money right now? Or may be because these force you to get out of your comfort zones? Or may be you are afraid that no one would wanna collaborate with you? (Or, was that just me?)


I’ve been through all these problems and I’ve tried everything out, so I know what works NOW. Many articles on the Internet are outdated. Like those with follow/unfollow – it worked a while ago, but doesn’t anymore.


And that is why I wrote a book about what I know works NOW – Instagram Content Strategy.


Aaand, this is what I teach my students inside the book…

There are 3 most important things that make or break your success on Instagram:

  • Quality Content (that attracts YOUR audience)
  • Consistency, and
  • Strategy


And you might have heard about the first 2 thousands of times. But rarely does someone shares that Quality Content and Consistency alone are nothing without a strategy.



And that is where my book comes in, and hence its name – Instagram Content Strategy.


Do you ever wonder that people talk a lot about posting quality content but what quality content is exactly? I used to wonder this when I first started out #noshame

I used to go blank as soon as someone ended a sentence with post quality content. I would be like “Tell me what is quality content exactly!” But no one explained that in any of their articles!


And that is why, my book has a whole section dedicated to exactly what counts as quality content and what you should be posting about on Instagram. If I tell you exactly, there are 100+ content ideas for Instagram posts, stories, captions and highlights – with examples. So you don’t have to wonder about how to implement those, because you already have the examples in front of you. You know, it’s easier to implement ideas when you have seen its example, right?


Here’s what Jacinta Amutsa said about the book…

Just finished reading the content strategy book and loved everything about it. It is easier now to brainstorm about my niche and how to convert the suggestions to that. Thank you for that I also loved the examples because it makes it easier to work with an already set example. The book is beautifully written and the content suggestion is gold.


Here’s what you’ll get from the ICS eBook:

  • You’ll build a solid foundation (so you’re set for success)
  • You’ll build your audience and nurture them (with the RIGHT followers)
  • You’ll start converting that audience into sales (hello, money)


This is a very high-level version of what you’ll learn from this book, so let me just squeeze in the Contents of my book over here…

Content Page of Instagram Content Strategy

If you want, zoom in and have a look at it.


So, what is Instagram Content Strategy, exactly?

Instagram Content Strategy BookIt is a unique eBook for bloggers and solopreneurs (solo-entrepreneurs) who are trying to build their audience on Instagram. This eBook is a complete solution to building an audience and converting them into customers, BUT without the pain. As I told you before, just having followers is not enough. Instagram Content Strategy will teach you how to move those followers with you towards YOUR business.


It’s all about how you create your Instagram content that aligns with your business goals in order to fulfill those goals through Instagram.

And that’s the goal of this book.


And did I tell you? – The Instagram Content Strategy works for you, regardless of Instagram updates. YES!



(Loads! Take a look…)


  • The BIGGEST strategy to grow your next 1000 followers in the next 30 days WITHOUT spending a dime on ads (NOT just ANY followers, but your ideal followers – who will convert!)


  • Why not all followers are equal and how the wrong kind can DESTROY your Instagram page


  • How to align your Instagram page & your followers to YOUR business goals so that you GET RESULTS instead of just shooting in dark and hoping…


  • The NUMBER ONE thing you need that will keep your fans coming back for more and hence convert at a point


  • How and where to organize your posts to save you time, frustration and overwhelm


  • How a SIMPLE TWEAK with your Instagram captions can result into MASSIVE SALES


  • Why following the most ‘popular’ [but stupid] strategy about follow-unfollow will RETARD YOUR GROWTH on Instagram


  • The simple 30 day launch strategy that will CONVERT your followers into customers (even if you don’t spend anything on ads)


  • The REAL reason why you are not able to get RESULTS on Instagram (& how to do that)


  • How to create your own custom content strategy that works for YOU and your business goals without pulling your hair out (Note: This strategy alone is worth the cost of the book)


  • Clear and straight-forward advice that will INSTANTLY land you sponsorship opportunities from established brands (if that’s your REAL goal)


  • Strategies that will instantly beat Instagram algorithm (No more worrying about algorithm changes)


  • Breakthrough solutions for converting followers into LIFETIME Blog Readers (& fans)


That’s a lot, right? All of this, is what you get in a 155+ page eBook, so there’s no B.S at all. It gets straight to what you need to know in order to use my content strategy!




Instagram Content Strategy + Worksheets

  • Instagram eBook: 3 sections with over 25+ chapters & over 155+ pages (worth $74)
  • Instagram ‘Setting up for Success’ Worksheets (worth $15) 
  • Instagram ‘Captions that Connect’ swipe file (worth $7)
  • Instagram ‘Perfect Your Bio’ template (worth $25)


All of this adds up to – $121


But, that’s not all…

Because you also get access to these BONUSES with this eBook…

Instagram Content Strategy Bundle

  • (eBook) 300+ Affiliate Programs for you to join (hello, money) (worth $37)
  • Bi-weekly Planner worksheet (worth $21)
  • Ultimate guide of free resources for Instagrammars (worth $19)
  • ‘Captions that Guarantee Sales’ caption template (worth $27)
  • (Spreadsheet) The Ultimate Instagram Content Planner + Monthly Analyzer (Improvement plan) (worth $35)


That’s a total value of $260


But that’s not what you’re going to pay today…

In fact, you’re not even going to pay the half of that…

Instagram Content Strategy BundleWhen you join today…

You’ll get complete access to the Instagram Content Strategy eBook

+ Plus all of the bonuses listed here for just $47.




The Reality is we need an audience THAT CONVERTS in order to sell our products & make money.

The only question is do you want to struggle and pay-to-play to get them or WIN them over WITHOUT THE PAIN?



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A few reviews of my book…

“Instagram Content Strategy has been the best investment for my Instagram and business so far. I have tried these nifty little strategies like automated bots to do the ‘popular’ follow-unfollow but they never fulfilled me and my business. I was posting on Instagram hoping my pictures would take off some day, but my posts would never connect with my business goals. After going through Instagram Content Strategy, I have clear defined goals and a well-written strategy that I’m sure of that they would work.”

– Katherine Bolder


“Instagram Content Strategy is just what I needed. I had given up on Instagram when I came across Instagram Content Strategy. I wasn’t sure if this was the best choice, so I reached out to Vidhi and she convinced me to invest in it. I must say, I didn’t regret. The way I look at Instagram is completely different now. It doesn’t seem difficult AT ALL. The Instagram Content Strategy has answered all my questions I had about Instagram & I completely understand why I never need to worry about Instagram algorithm updates now.”

-Kristen S.





“Instagram Content Strategy has truly changed my Instagram. I had started with knowing NOTHING about a content strategy (I seriously didn’t know a content strategy could make SO much difference!) to having a solid content strategy for my Instagram that I’m completely confident in. Vidhi’s strategy is completely unknown (or maybe no one talks about that! I don’t know much.) But what I do know is that these strategies are not shortcuts or peepholes, they are straight-out, real strategies that don’t depend on algorithms. So, an algorithm won’t affect your ‘plan’ at all. I suggest anyone who’s looking to grow their Instagram to invest in this eBook. It’s too affordable in terms of what you’ll receive in return. “

-James Simon


“I am impressed! Honestly saying, I was putting way too much time in bringing everything together and building strategies for my Instagram, but never got the results that I wanted. I had no idea why my content wasn’t appealing to my audience! But your book has connected all the dots together. It has reduced my time spent on Instagram and it is giving me so much better results than ever! Especially, the concept of content fillers is amazing for saving time. I’m thankful to you for creating this book.”

-Brian Ferrell



Review from Sarah, one of my Beta Testers:

(I can now become an Instagram Coach myself!)

Sarah's review

“I bought Instagram Content Strategy and immediately started reading it. I had a few questions & caught Vidhi on Instagram with those. She answered all my questions very humbly and even followed up with me after a few days. It was like I had my own tutor for free! I’ve read her book thrice till now & I guess I’ll be reading again when I want more ideas for my Instagram. Just so you know, it is the only Instagram book out there that has visual examples of the quality of photos you should post. I’ve become a fan of her (more after knowing her personally), you’d be too. Just do what she says, and you’ll see how it all turns out magically.”
-Laura Williams


Is this book completely theoretical or does it have actionable steps?

What is your refund policy?

I own a blog, will your strategies help me get page-views on my blog and get my blog noticed?

I have a product-based business and want to promote it on Instagram. Will this strategy work for me?

Does the book include how to capture beautiful pictures and edit them?

I’m not sure whether this eBook is right for me/I have other questions.



Think about this…

Instagram Content Strategy Bundle
How would you feel if a year from now, you were still in this exact situation. You were still doing the same things as you are doing now and not getting results? Free stuff over Internet does not guarantee your growth and most of them is outdated! Plus, think about the time you’ll waste and most importantly, the clients you’ll lose while you are on search of a strategy that works for YOU.
I have been through this, and God knows how many customers I’ve lost along this stupid journey of learning from free stuffs. I don’t want YOU to go through all of that.
If you’re getting what I just said, even a little bit? It means that you don’t have to be in that place a year from now because I’m going to guide you through the complete process to achieving the outcome that YOU want and a strategy that works for YOU, so YOU don’t have to be in this position a year from now. Trust me!




Not sure if this eBook is for you?

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