Your High-end Content Plan
that fills your DMs with high-ticket sales inquiries Masterclass


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Copy to Cash💰 Academy Branding
For coaches & online service-providers ready to sell out their high-ticket offers with ease & take their businesses to next-next-level with cash creating copy.

This is NOT another content program.

This is a high-end copywriting program.

Learning the art of writing copy that speaks to high-end clients who are ready to work with you & pay high-ticket for your programs.


✅Understanding what is it that your ideal client really WANTS & what needs to shift in your marketing to ATTRACT high-end clients

✅The sequence of content to WARM UP an icy cold audience using my “warm-up recipe”

✅The “tunnel approach” to create highly-converting messaging for your offers

What makes high ticket clients tick, take action…and get moving towards your offers

✅The four types of content you need to create in different phases of your launch/sales that speaks to different buyers types

✅Different types of buyers & when to speak to each one during which phase of the launch/sales

✅Copy Starters for different elements of the Copy to Cash Model to make content writing feel like a breeze

✅The types of masterclasses you can host that brings in new leads & how to host them to make people hungry for more, making them join your offers


 ChatGPT Prompts for masterclass & offer topic ideas & transformation statements

 The plug-&-play templates of emails I send before & during a launch & while hosting a masterclass

 ✅The masterclass slides templates for you to plan & host it effortlessly, know what to include, & what to say, when

This program is designed to help you…

⭐️ Book out your high-ticket offers knowing that it’s replicable so that you can actually live your life while building the business of your dreams without constantly thinking of your business all the time

⭐️ Use the power of words to generate more leads, so that you don’t have to keep wondering “what’s missing” from your business

⭐️ Be able to channel in new ideas & trust the words you use to share them to bring in leads without being ON all the time so that you never feel the need to copy another coach’s posts again

Inside Copy To Cash Academy, I make it simple for you to become a MASTER at writing cash creating copy that effortlessly brings high-ticket sales. This is a skill you get to keep… forever.