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The Surprise Bundle

My 4 Most-Popular Trainings in 1

The 4 trainings included:

  • Secret StoryLaunch Club
  • Next-level Content Masterclass
  • Blazing Hot Content Course
  • Authority (4-day Training)
More details on each training:

This is a 2-week program to help you get quick cash injection in your business via story launch using tried & tested story sales templates! Get your first (or next) 10 clients in a fun way!

This is for you if:
  • You’re a beginner & want to start getting clients for your biz!
  • You’re pivoting your niche/industry & want clients right away!
  • You’ve been in business for a while but you’re stuck in the posting cycle & seeing no signs of clients!
  • You’re advanced but wanna bring in quick cash injection in a fun way!

You’ll get access to:

  • 80+ story sales scripts & templates for different phases of the launch. (value $397)
    EXACT word-for-word templates, scripts & prompts of what to say for —
    • building anticipation of your offer
    • how to warm up your offer – how to talk about messaging of your offer
    • how to introduce your offer
    • how to sell your offer during the launch phase
    • how to build urgency & so much more!
  • A playbook with tasks for you to do for the 2 weeks that we have together (value $497)
    The playbook includes —
    • Sales Mindset
    • Pricing Guide
    • Ways to creating QUICK offers & start selling right away
    • Upsells, downsells!
    • Different ways to get your first (or next) 10 clients
    • Social Proof
    • DM Script
    • & More…
  • A planner for planning your launch using these templates so you know exactly what to post on which day (value $97)
  • DM sales scripts – closing in the DMs (no sales calls anymore!) (value $97)
  • Different ways to get your first (or next) 10 clients (value $197)
  • & much more!

Over $1,200 worth of value.

Your investment — $120.

Your one & only Instagram feed content masterclass you need to watch that will show you how to instantly increase engagement, followers, saves, story views, sales, authority & make your audience OB-SESSED with you & your content.

I’m going to shift your whole perspective around content & your content is going to be DAMN good & attractive after going through this masterclass!

This is for you if:

  • You’ve been stuck in the posting cycle — posting everyday but revolving in the same circle of no results
  • You want to know all the ins & outs about Instagram feed content so that you can confidently create content knowing what content will bring what result (& reverse – knowing what result you wanna create & what content would bring that for you)
  • You want your content to bring you engagement, followers, more saves, more story views, authority AND sales
  • You want your audience to be OB-SESSED with your content – can’t stop watching you eventually wanting to hire you
  • You want to confidently go out & post content & KNOW the result of each content that it will bring you (no more throwing spaghetti on the wall to figure out which one sticks)

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • different types of feed content you should be creating
  • which type of content to post for more views, likes, saves & shares
  • how to INSTANTLY increase the number of engagement on your posts
  • how to give your audience aha-moments around your content that makes them want to join your programs
  • how to make your audience STICK to you, be obsessed with you & your content
  • how to make your content binge-able
  • how to create content that gets a lot of followers! – that makes new people WANT to follow you, & binge more content!

⚡️Get lifetime access to the 90-minute masterclass (value $247)

 Your investment — $120.

Learn the simple, mindset & strategic framework that *positions* you as an expert & helps you close sales like a boss. The shifts are simple… but mind-blowing.

This is for you if:

  • You KNOW you’re really good at what you do but your audience doesn’t RECOGNIZE your talent YET (= you’re not getting paid)
  • You want to stop being seen as just inspirational & become the full-blown, money-making authority & be seen as the NON-NEGOTIABLE CHOICE to work with in your industry
  • You want to be THE person everyone refers to when they’re talking about leaders in your niche/industry
  • You want your audience to sign up with your free & paid offers (especially your high-ticket offers) without hesitation
  • You want to make your launches & sales easier & work days shorter (bcz you don’t have to work your ass off to “prove” your worth) & stop chasing leads, instead start attracting them by BOOSTING your reputation as the go-to authority

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to position yourself as the badass, powerhouse leader that you ARE in your niche, THE leader in your industry
  • You’ll know what to do/say/post/and talk about in order to become the full-blown, money-making authority
  • How to let go of “comparison” and FINALLY feeling like the authority you always dreamed of becoming
  • How to QUICKLY build your authority fast & become the thought-leader in your industry so that people want to start paying you (even if you have less than 100 followers right now)
  • How to build an unwavering confidence in yourself that starts ATTRACTING your target clients wanting to pay you high-ticket
  • The daily inner work that will change the way you market & ACTUALLY show up as the LEADER that you already ARE
  • The 10 different strategies for stories & feed posts that will make your audience SEE you as an authority & build desire to work with you
  • The subliminal authoritative elements that will make each feed post more authoritative making even a new visitor to start looking at you as an authority (think of the IMPACT you’ll make)

Get ready to end the training by not only FEELING like an authoritative leader, you’ll be strategically showing up that way too.

You’re already a leader, babe…⁣The problem, however, is that your audience doesn’t see it yet. But they will. More than ever before when I’m through with you.😘⁣

You’ll get access to:

  • 4 days with me
  • Lifetime access to all trainings (value $444)
  • Workbooks & action tasks to make implementation a breeze (value $97)
  • Get inside my DMs to ask me questions within these 4 days (value $397)

Over $900 worth of value!

Your investment – $197.

Current Special investment – $111.

We start on 7th Jan.

Create high-converting content before your coffee gets cold. No more spending AN HOUR creating content & writing a single caption. Formulas & templates to create content fast that actually converts & brings in client inquiries right into your DMs.

This is for you if:

  • You’re a coach or service provider who wants to make creating content as simple as 1, 2, 3 & YET bring you clients so that you can focus more on the business tasks that require your attention
  • You’d LOVE to create your WHOLE month’s content plan in 20 mins (or less) being confident that this content plan is out there working FOR you
  • You want your content plan, when implemented, to attract ideal clients, nurture them AND bring you client inquiries at the same time while you’re out there focusing on crucial tasks of your business
  • You want to stop stressing out about micro-tasks like “what caption should I right for this post”, or “what to post today” bcz you have bigger things to take care of in your business
  • You’d love a templatized system where everything is done-for-you – the captions, the content plan as easy as 1, 2, 3 & your content to be taken care of in just 10 minutes a day.

Inside, you’ll learn:

  • How to create an irresistible feed + 4 types of Instagram Posts you should be posting
  • Where to find a Pool of Captivating Post Ideas
  • My signature LISTS formula to write magnetic converting captions
  • Content Master Sheet to master content planning in just 1 hour a month
  • Surefire strategies to explode engagement in each post
  • BONUS: 5 caption formulas for effortless caption writing

You’ll get access to:

  • Training videos to understand the art of irresistible content creation in less time (value $397)
  • 30+ Copywritten Caption Templates (value $297)Have a sneak peek into the caption templates here
  • 70+ Powerful, High Converting Calls to Action Pack (value $97)
  • Trello Board: Caption Vault [Easy Access] (value $97)
  • BONUS: 33 days sell-out challenge [30 days of prompts on what to post each day to go sold-out in a soft sell way] (value $147)

Over $1,000 worth of value!

Your investment — $120.