Sales Multiplier💸

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Day 2: How to Grow (& Convert) Your Warm Audience

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We’re covering: 

  • selling to different buyer’s personality types (& mistakes you’re making there & leaving money on the table!)
  • Follower growth
  • Follower engagement
  • Showing up as an authority (get out of that friend zone, girlll!)
  • How to massively warm up your audience before a launch/promotion/soft-launch
  • and so much more!!
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The Clients Accelerator (12-week 1:1 with me)

where we personalize your strategy, offer & sales to help you book clients without hassle.

How do we achieve this?

I break this into 3 phases:
1. Kickstart
2. Elevate
3. Convert

KICKSTART: Establish you as an authority, build trust with your audience, positioning your offer as the BEST & develop its messaging for promotion.

ELEVATE: Boosting your engagement & followers, & start attracting people who are warming up inside the DMs.

CONVERT: Getting new people to warm up, creating HOT leads using content strategy, converting inside the DMs including DM scripts. This is where sales start to happen.

What you get access to?

  • 6 Weekly 1:1 coaching & strategy calls with me ($1500)
  • Lifetime access to a complete 9-module course, with 40+ expert-guided training videos (with lifetime future updates) ($1000)
  • Unlimited Messaging Access to me via Voxer ($600)
  • Bonus Onboarding Call ($150)
  • Submit every Content for Personalized Feedback($800)

Total value = $4050

The Clients Accelerator price = $1200

Your special price = $400
(this price only available to YOU as a masterclass joiner)

(Only available for the next 2 days!

Is this for you?

This is for you if:

  •  You have followers but no engagement OR you do have engagement but it’s not converting into clients
  • You are stuck in the content posting cycle where you keep posting & posting but it doesn’t seem to be working for you
  • You don’t get many inquiries inside the DMs asking to work with you
  • People come to pick your brain for free but ghost when you talk about prices
  • You don’t know how to convert a DM into a paying client (there are DM scripts inside for this!)
  • You have an offer which you’ve sold few times before but you now want consistent clients every month for this offer

Client wins people have been seeing inside (most of them haven’t even launched yet!)