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Marketing on Instagram as a new online entrepreneur:

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This training is for you if...

  • You have a service-based biz (ex. blog, YouTube channel, coaching services, etc.) and you’re totally confused as to what exactly should you post on a daily basis to attract visitors & clients as a new online entrepreneur.

  • You know other Instagrammars (aka, your competitors) get loads of engagement & sales, but you can’t figure out how the heck they’re doing it!

  • You gain a follower, you get excited, and then poof, they’ve unfollowed you the other day & you’re left wondering WHY?!

  • You want followers that would become your fans & can’t wait for your next post to come out, but at the moment your followers are few and the ones you do have are far from the ones you dreamt of!

Sound familiar? No worries, I’ve got you covered!

Marketing on Instagram as a new online entrepreneur:

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Here's what you'll learn:

1. What most new Instagrammars do which leaves them on a hamster wheel, constantly posting & posting but never getting the results

2. The one magical change that will start rolling in new Instagram followers instantly

3. What really happens when you chase for followers

4. The #1 mistake that will keep you small and struggling

5. The BHWC Strategy: make followers to increase your brand reach > without YOU struggling for it or making any extra efforts!

Whoops, I forgot to introduce myself!

I help aspiring online entrepreneurs turn their dream of making their service-based online business a success through profitable marketing on Instagram.

I love nothing more than helping you build a business that supports you in a lifestyle you absolutely love!

A few years ago I was just another newbie online entrepreneur clueless about how to market my own blog.

How do I find blog readers? Build an expert status? Convince them to purchase? Stop worrying about marketing all the time? Build a healthy customer relationship with them?

Now, I have helped 100s of my students (bloggers, coaches, course creators, YouTubers, etc.) to build their online credibility & grow their business into a profitable one using my unique Instagram content strategy.

And now I’d love to help you too! I’m sharing all my secrets in the free training! So what are you waiting for?! Get inside the training right now!

Hi! I'm Vidhi


Rosaura Thun

“Wow! Just going through this (before implementing) I can feel myself changing how I look at Instagram.

Before, I didn’t know how to show people what I do, or how to connect with my audience on Instagram. But now, honestly it’s been really transformative & helped me establish that connection from follower to loyal fan and eventually customer!

I’d recommend this to anyone who is struggling to build, grow & really nurture their Instagram! Not only is it focused on the main thing Instagram wants, it shows you how to build your business using this app, which is really what we all need and want right?”

– Rosaura Thun

– James Simon

“Ohhh, yes I want in the training!”