How to Build Authority👑

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We’re covering: 

  • How authority can help you make high-ticket sales (even if you have only 100 followers right now)

  • The different types of posts you can create that will position you as an authority (you don’t need client testimonials for this!)

  • Building authority at different places on Instagram – set a first impression as THE GO-TO authority

  • Your checklist of things to do daily that will automatically position you as the authority

  • and more…

Authority 👑

⚡️Learn the strategy and mindset behind positioning yourself
as the go-to AUTHORITY to increase your monthly cash income.
⚡️4 days with me
⚡️We start from 7th Jan to 10th Jan

You’ll learn:

  • The internal AND external authority – how to build BOTH in order to position yourself as an authority & increase your monthly cash income.
  • The 10 different ways to show up that will make your audience SEE you as an authority & wanting to work with you
  • The ONE mindset change about your audience that will shift your marketing words in a way making your audience wanting to join your offers.
  • The daily inner work that will change the way you market & ACTUALLY show up as the LEADER that you already ARE.
  • The 6 different posts that you can post that will position you as an authority no matter your audience size or engagement at the moment.
  • End imposter syndrome forever. Never doubting your opinions/authority/skills as a coach
  • The permission that will open up your creative juices for content ideas that not only attracts your ICs but also makes them want to work with you seeing you as THE GO-TO EXPERT
  • The subliminal ways of putting authoritative elements in each feed post & stories that makes you an authority instantly (this is the biggest reason why people can’t reverse-engineer WHY they see you as an authority)
  • Examples of my own posts where each post has minimum standards for building authority from each post
  • And so much more (seriously!)

The ROI of this program is going to be INSANE. Bcz this will shift so much in you strategically AND energetically that it will start bringing clients to you as soon as you start working on this.

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