"Getting Clients Blueprint" Masterclass

Launch your Irresistible Signature Offer & Sign your First (or Next) Paid Client in 7 Days

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Watch the replay instantly: Become the go-to authority in your space (yes, even if *right now* you have less than 100 followers & ZERO clients *yet*)
  • Tuesday, October 6th: Create your *Irresistible* Signature Offer *in ONE day* that sells itself out
  • Thursday, October 8th: Launch Strategies to Sell Out your Offer🎉
Getting Clients Blueprint Masterclass


I'm going to show you...

🥂 How to leverage small following for getting clients.

🥂 The ONE simple thing that will make people see you as an expert instantly without a huge following

🥂 The bulletproof way to create a signature offer that sells (& 3 mistakes that make offers fall flat on your face)

🥂 How to turn your offer idea into a profitable offer in ONE day (seriously)

🥂 How to launch – your followers wait with their credit cards out for the doors to open

🥂 The biggest shift that will eliminate the sleaziness from your launch forever

🥂 PLUS, a LIVE Q & A session, so you get all of your questions answered (ask me anything)

Whoops, I forgot to introduce myself!

I help aspiring female entrepreneurs sign paid clients using high-converting Instagram & content marketing.

I love nothing more than helping you build a business that supports you in a lifestyle you absolutely love!

A few months ago I was just another Instagrammar clueless about how to promote my biz on Instagram!

How do I get new followers? Get them to ENGAGE? New clients from small following? Create an experience that makes them SEE me as an authority in my space?

I created my own methodologies & strategies 8 months ago that helped me scale my business leveraging Instagram in just 2 months after that (with ONLY 250 followers!) I keep selling out my offers after that (even WITHOUT a hard launch *now*) & if I can do this with a small following, you can too!

So now I’d love to show you how I did that! I’m sharing all my secrets in the free masterclass! So what are you waiting for?! Get inside the masterclass now.

“Ohhh, yes I want in the free live masterclass!”

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