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  • Why posting ONLY ‚Äúeducational content‚ÄĚ is hindering your growth.
  • How to leave a lasting impression from your content itself so your followers REMEMBER you & watch out for your next post!
  • How to write intriguing captions that make people DROOL over & start looking at you as an authority on the topic.
  • How to create save-worthy & share-worthy graphics for your IG posts that STOPS THE SCROLL!

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Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2018: Is it a good buy… for YOU? My Honest Review

Want to learn blogging from experts in the market but can’t afford their courses?

If you’re a beginner or an intermediate blogger who wants to notch up their blogging game but can’t find where to start?
If you’re making none to nominal money from your blog and want to learn how to start making more, Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2018 MIGHT BE a great opportunity for you to start if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on blogging courses and education!
No! This article is not gonna pitch you to buy either ways! I’ll share everything about what this Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2018 is, & to let YOU decide if it would be a good fit for you! Yes, it is going to be totally YOU-centered!
UPDATE: The GBTK bundle is not available right now. The GBTK 2018 is going to open again. It’s a flash sale for only 48 hours from 12:00 am ET April 8th through 11:59 pm April 9th. Till then, you can join my Blogging Course. It’s a 5-day course for beginner bloggers. Join here:

5-day Blogging Course for FREE:


Started a blog, but can’t find success?

Join my Set your Blog to Success (SBS) Course to learn:
  • How to set the foundation for your blog so you’re set for success
  • How to plan your blog in order to attract the RIGHT audience
  • The #1 thing you can do to convert your blog visitor into a life-time blog reader & fan
  • The #1 search engine you will master that will start bringing you traffic in a week.



Opted in for the free course?
Great! Let’s get started!
Note: If you already know about this bundle, skip to the part where I explain “How do I decide whether this is a good buy for me!”.



I have purchased this year’s GBTK bundle in advance so that I can provide you an honest understanding & review of this product. I will wind you through what’s all the fuss about this toolkit and if it worth for YOU or not…
First of all…


It is a collection of e-Books, courses, membership sites & stock photos around education about ALMOST ALL the aspects of blogging – blog content creation, traffic generation, social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, & more.
These resources are created by some of the TOP BLOGGERS and they are hand-picked by the Ultimate Bundles team.
The main point to focus here is that these resources if purchased individually would cost around $5,867.88, but these are provided by Ultimate Bundles Team at a FRACTION of this cost! It’s a total STEAL!

Save it for later!


This bundle comes out only ONCE in a year! So, if you’re someone who wants to take this opportunity to learn from some of the experts, you should definitely wait for this bundle to come out.
But before that, you need to read this review, so you know if it is worth for YOU or not…


It costs about $97. This year’s GBTK bundle has 85 resources. If you go & purchase all of them separately, it will cost you over $5,867.88.




Yes and No.
You have access to the GBTK bundle for only one year. But, once enrolled into the courses through GBTK, you have access to them for lifetime.
Plus, keeping track of all the course sites, login information & access URLs might become a headache, so make sure you create account for each of the courses and save it in a trello board for GBTK courses. This helps me a lot with organizing my resources.
Also, since I’m not good with deadlines, I download everything that’s downloadable through the portal in a GBTK folder. Another tip for organization…


This year’s toolkit has around 85 resources including:
  • 41 Courses & videos
  • 9Printables & workbooks
  • 15 eBooks
  • 5 Stock Photo Packs
  • 2 Membership Sites+ Bonuses – subscriptions to different sites (like, ConvertKit, Podia, Tailwind, Stencil, Scribd), free premium WordPress theme etc.
around these topics:
  • Content creation for your blog

(Blog Post content, Product creation content, Podcasting content, YouTube content)

  • Getting started with your blog

(Start blogging, start a mom blog, becoming an Influencer, Blog vocabulary etc.)

  • List growth

(Email List Growth & marketing, using Pinterest to grow email, writing irresistible emails, Guide to ConvertKit, etc.)

  • Design & branding

(Blog Photography Guide, Stock Photos, Building beautiful blog, Learn Photoshop & LightRoom)

  • Monetizing your blog

(Affiliate Marketing, pitching brands, working with brands, media kit creation, etc.)

  • Social Media

(Get Paid to Pin, Hashtag Pro, manual Pinning organization with Trello, Pinterest Keywords Tracking, Going live training, Tailwind Tribes)

  • Productivity

(Better Blogging, Organizing Blog Content, Time Management, Proven workflow hacks for busy entrepreneurs, Blogging Binder, etc.)

  • Product Creation

(Blogger to Author, Ebook by Number, Canva templates, crafting webinars, sales page, etc.)

  • Business Setup

(Business Plan, GDPR survival, Trademarks and copyright, Online Success, Keeping Blog Legal, etc.)

  • Community & Support

(Blog Happy Club, Blogging Business Club, etc.)

  • Tech help

(Business Analytics, CSS, SEO help, Easy WordPress, etc.)

Well, it’s worth telling you that there are courses more than e-Books in this year’s bundle. So,
it must be easier for those who watch & learn. You can check out the FULL LIST of resources here.
Also, each year’s bundle is completely different. So, if you’ve bought previous year’s toolkit, you might wanna check out what’s in this year! Also, your last year’s bundle access is no longer going to be there. So make sure you download everything before it’s gone!
Note that this is not a complete guide to blogging! Not all of the aspects of blogging are covered. So, it’s better you check everything out before you buy it. Visit the sales page to view the list of resources.
Following is the list of resources included, I know it’s small, just zoom in to view all, if you want or just head over here to check out the full list of resources¬†included.




No, it is NOT a scam! I’ve purchased it so I can tell you that!

Then, why is it so cheap, you ask?

These resources are digital resources. Hence, once produced can be sold multiple times WITHOUT any extra work! Hence, selling them for cheap does not result in loss!

So, what’s the catch?

These resources belong to different bloggers in the industry. They might want new audience and exposure to reach more people.
The best option for them is this toolkit. Since, this toolkit is so wildly popular & only arrives for a week ONCE in a year, it is the best way to get exposure to new audience!
So, does that mean that these are just “non-valuable” resources?
Not at all. The ultimate bundles team handles all these things. They hand-pick these resources and decide which ones to add and which ones to reject.
It’s worth telling you that they get MANY contributor requests for adding their resources in the toolkit and only a few lucky-ones get selected!




I have gone through many courses included in Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2018 bundle, & I should confirm that this toolkit is very well-worth the price (at-least for me). You’ll know if it is for you in a while after you read the whole article!
A few of the resources that I loved (I-could-hug-the-creator loved) are:
  • A micro Influencer handbook by Chelsea Clarke (worth $250)
  • Affiliate marketing for bloggers: Everything you’re missing by Carly Campbell (worth $79)
  • Blogging Business Club by Allison Lindstrom – Membership site (worth $150)
  • 5 bundles of stock photos (worth $164)
  • Conquer your business analytics by Jenn Zellers (worth $97)
  • Ebook by Number by Suzi Whitford (worth $97)
  • Manual Pinning Organization with Trello by Elizebeth Gidley (worth $29)
These are just the ones I checked out and went through all together & liked them.
Of course, I only checked the courses that I wanted to learn according to my current position in blogging. You might relate to completely other set of resources.
So, this was all about what you needed to know about the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2018. Now, let’s talk about if it is a good buy for YOU…




Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you buy Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2018:
  • Have you been eyeing a product for a long time that is already included in the bundle? This might be the best time to grab the product! (For me, it was Ebook by Number by Suzi Whitford which costs $97 itself, so it was worth for me, even if I only use this one)
  • Do you have a favorite blogger who you would want to learn more from? Look at the names of the creators. This might be a good opportunity to gain access to one of their products.
  • Do you have the budget to purchase this toolkit? If it does not include the aspects of blogging you’re struggling with, then buying the toolkit just because it’s cheap will not be a good option for you.
  • Would you make a good use of these resources? Are you actually going to spend your time in learning?
If you’re someone who purchases products & never gets to finishing it, or taking the time to learning from it, this is probably NOT a good deal for you.


If you were here a few days back, the Ultimate Bundles team had a VERY helpful webinar series organized totally free of cost!
These webinars were full of massively helpful tips for your blog.
Since those aren’t available now, you should probably follow these steps:

And then see if this fits in. In most of the cases, you’ll find something TOO worth at this price (This is what had happened to me, I was not at all going to purchase it).
If you can’t find anything worth, there’s no need to stress! It’s not the end of the world, and it is NOT a must-have. You might be at a completely different level of blogging than others, & hence, it is YOUR decision whether it would be well-worth for you or not!

Let’s talk about pros and cons of this bundle to help you make a good decision whether to buy or not:






The toolkit is a total steal. I can’t say that enough. In fact, few products inside the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2018 are around $249 themselves. So, even if you used just one product from this toolkit and don’t even touch other resources, it would be total worth your money.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a huge opportunity if some of the products would resonate with your readers/audience. You could apply for becoming an affiliate for the individual resources and make money by promoting those to your readers.

A LOT of helpful resources

The resources included in the toolkit are a LOT. You can never get these many resources at such lower price. If you went to buy these courses individually, they would cost you around $5,867.88.
So, if you were ever wondering of learning through paid courses from some of the experts in the market, this must be your chance to go for it.

Return Policy

The ultimate bundles team has put down a very generous return policy. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can ask for return within 30 days of purchase.

Good customer service

I don’t have experience with this, honestly. But, I’ve heard many bloggers talk about the amazing customer service of ultimate bundles. If you ever have any questions or problems, they are always ready to answer them.






Having a lot of resources at the same time is good, but it can overwhelm some of us. This also has the side-affect of getting stuck in learning and never get to the implementation part. If you’re someone like this, please make sure that you make a list of all the resources that you actually need to focus on currently and implement as you learn.
Don’t just go & try to learn everything at the same time. It would not be fruitful at all. Trust me on this one!

Sales Pitch

Some of the resources are like a sales-pitch for their higher-end resources or the full course. It is very disheartening to learn from a resource that makes you feel like you-also-need-to-buy-this-if-you-want-to-see-full-results!
Luckily there are not many of such resources (at least not many that I’ve referred till now).

Few low-quality resources

Many resources are excellent, but not all. If you do purchase the bundle, make sure you take an overview of the resource before you go through the whole resource, so as not to waste your time in these!


Some of the resources that are included in this year’s bundle actually surprised me. As I told you, the Ultimate Bundles team work hard to gather these resources, so they always choose what’s best.
I had even bought a few of those individual courses. I was annoyed by knowing that I bought those courses and, instead, I should have waited for this bundle to come up.
But anyway, it’s still a best deal for ME, since I’ve already found a lot of helpful resources for me. Yet to explore the whole bundle myself too ūüėČ




The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is live for 6 days, from 10th October to 15th October 2018. So, you have a total of 6 days to decide and you can make a purchase here.
Note: If you have already decided to purchase the bundle, make sure you do it before midnight October 11, Thursday. There’s an early bird price: you will get a FREE 2-month unlimited subscription to Stencil – worth $40.0. Stencil is so much better than Canva or PicMonkey.
But, if you’re an existing customer, you will get an exclusive design masterclass with Jessica Safko.

Made the decision to purchase Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2018 already?

Grab your toolkit here, and start learning!


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  • How to write intriguing captions that make people DROOL over & start looking at you as an authority on the topic.
  • How to create save-worthy & share-worthy graphics for your IG posts that STOPS THE SCROLL!

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