Copy to Cash💰 Academy Branding

Copy to Cash💰 Academy 

A 6-week program for coaches & online service-providers ready to sell out their high-ticket offers with ease & hit their highest cash months in their business without hustling or chasing people in the DMs or hour-long sales calls.


✅Understanding what is it that your ideal client really WANTS & what needs to shift in your marketing to ATTRACT high-end clients

✅The sequence of content to WARM UP an icy cold audience using my “warm-up recipe”

✅The “tunnel approach” to create highly-converting messaging for your offers

What makes high ticket clients tick, take action…and get moving towards your offers

✅The four types of content you need to create in different phases of your launch/sales that speaks to different buyers types

✅Different types of buyers & when to speak to each one during which phase of the launch/sales

✅Copy Starters for different elements of the Copy to Cash Model to make content writing feel like a breeze

✅The types of masterclasses you can host that brings in new leads & how to host them to make people hungry for more, making them join your offers


 ChatGPT Prompts for masterclass & offer topic ideas & transformation statements

 The plug-&-play templates of emails I send before & during a launch & while hosting a masterclass

 ✅The masterclass slides templates for you to plan & host it effortlessly, know what to include, & what to say, when


⭐️ Lifetime access to all of the trainings
⭐️ Worksheets, templates, prompts & copy starters to make implementation a breeze