Convert your Instagram Followers into Fans by using these 3 Content Ideas!

Last updated on November 20th, 2018

One of the major things that Instagrammers struggle through is how to make their followers actually engage, how to make them love your posts, how to make them wait for your next post?

3 content ideas to convert Instagram followers into fans

So here I am sharing 3 ways to make your followers love your content & convert them into your fans…

9 out of 10 brands does this… It’s so easy to wind up into always talk about me, me , me…

But you can choose to be different and focus on your followers. 

And when you focus on your followers, guess what?

They start LOVING you!

3 very short but effective ideas to do this:

  • Connect with your followers more often. Talk to them & talk about them. Thank your followers when you reach a follower limit.

  • Give a shout out to a follower who engages regularly. Seeing this, more followers will try to get engaged with your content to get a shout out.

  • Share a photo of your followers’ content which might provide value to your other followers. Tag the follower whose content you share so that they feel grateful to you. This encourages your other followers to create informative content so that they get shared by you. 

See, how easy it is to gain your followers love when you think about them?

Want to make sure your content stands out? Here’s a checklist you can download instantly.

Instagram Post Checklist


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