Hey, leaders, coaches & service-providers:

Free Training: Content Amplifier

Psychology-based Content Writing that Speaks to High-end Clients who are ready to work with you without any objections

This is for you if:

  • you’re tired of hearing the same 4-5 types of content you need to create to attract clients
  • you’re attracting unaligned clients who always have price objections
  • you’re tired of the “post & wait” cycle
  • you’re finally ready for the actual, practical strategies to write content that speaks to high-end audience

This is NOT your BASIC free content training.

I’m not going to teach you the 4 types of content that you should create!
We’re diving waaay deeper than that inside this free training (I should actually charge for this one!)

Instead… this IS about:

  • How to WRITE your content that speaks to your ideal clients
  • How to ACTIVATE your audience to take action through your posts
  • How to speak to the high-end clients who are ready to pay high-ticket instead of speaking to people who always come up with objections!
  • & so much more…


What: Free training on content that speaks to high-end audience

When: Thursday, July 20 


Detailed Instagram Content Prompts for the next 5 days for you to post content about before we kick off this free training on Thursday, July 20.

You’re gonna leave this training with loads of aha-moments & practical psychology-based strategies to apply on your content instantly.