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Your exclusive guide to go wildly in-demand, aka HOT on Instagram by creating STAND OUT content (👋🏼bbye competitors) such that your followers are OBSESSED with YOU & your content.

I'm gonna need you to see this...

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Did you see that last slide “Bonus Module” result? She is waking up to 15-20 DMs every time! And she never thought this would be possible for her!

I know what you're thinking...

Vidhi, this is all good but is this possible for me? Because…

I don’t have a huge following on Instagram

I don’t want to spend money on growing my following & engagement

I don’t have (or want to spend) time all day on Instagram, I have a (very) busy life!

If you’re gonna teach me to go live, I’m not your person!

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Can I say something?

If THAT ☝️ is YOU, then literally, Blazing Hot Instagram is perfect for you because I am all about organic growth which means:

  • no need to spend money on ads to grow your following (we don’t use bots either 🙅‍♀️)
  • no need to spend all day on Instagram
  • no need to go live (cz we’re gonna use minimal viable ways to slay your success on IG)
  • and the best part? You don’t need a HUGE following to show up as a go-to expert in your niche!

I know you're not a beginner...

You’ve done your own research & you are CRUSHING it with:

✔️ a completely optimized bio

✔️ a well-curated beautiful looking feed

✔️ consistency in showing up

❌ But, you’re not happy with this ONE thing 👇

You’re putting so much time, energy & thought into your content before publishing

But you don’t see the results that your content DESERVES.

You’re doing all the right things (seriously) & you basically “know” what you need to do, but there’s something not right!

So, the last thing you want is a course that teaches you what you already know!

Let's see if you're ELIGIBLE for this course:

Tell me if this true:

 👉🏼 You KNOW that your followers need you (& your products/services)

👉🏼 You know the EXACT path they need to take in order to see results

👉🏼 You KNOW you can help your followers

But somehow they don’t see YOU as their guide!

That’s where I come in!

Hey there👋🏼, I'm Vidhi!

You must be thinking:
Why should I trust YOU? Why should I go for THIS course?

I’ll tell ya, but first, let me tell you a little back story of mine!

2 years back I started my journey of learning Instagram marketing!

I CHOSE to learn all by myself because I wanted to COACH this down the line – I didn’t want to be just another copy-cat Instagram coach.

So, to learn all by myself, I created test accounts on Instagram & started testing my strategies.

After testing a lot & not being able to make it work, I lost hope & I quit!

But after quitting, I wasn’t happy with my “failure”.

So, about 9 months ago I came back with a strategy, & went in full force.

✔️My strategies worked
✔️My plan worked
✔️My growth worked
✔️And, my engagement skyrocketed

After 2 months, I sold out my hashtag program with only 250 followers, AND my clients are getting AMAZING results out of it!

I have my own unique framework, strategies & organic growth methods

…that are completely different from what others teach (my hashtag clients know that!) because it’s all from my 2 years of trials, errors, triumphs & failures.

My unique methods have helped me scale my business in 5 months & I’m here to share that all with you!

I’m a huge advocate of minimal viable version. If I can do it with less work, I wouldn’t add more to it! And that is why:

❌ I don’t teach you to do a $1000 giveaway in order to increase your following
❌ I don’t teach you to get out of your comfort zone & go live every other week in order to increase your engagement (of course, you can do that, but not necessary!)
❌ I don’t teach you to do ads in order to increase your reach
❌ I don’t teach you to spend all day on Instagram & engage with your audience


Instead, I teach you ALL organic ways to increase your followers, engagement & building genuine relationships with your followers all without spending all day on Instagram.

Ready to receive such comments on YOUR posts?

And now, are you ready to receive such DMs?

If your inner soul *screamed* "YESSS!" to all of these ☝️, then buckle up girrl, cz we're gonna make this happen for YOU now!


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Your exclusive guide that teaches you my unique framework of taking your followers through a journey so that they can’t wait to hear from you again & position yourself as their go-to expert without being stuck to your phone all day!

THIS ☝🏼 is the journey you take your followers through - using my BHI framework

  • From “vaguely going through your profile” to following you (Ideal client to follower)
  • Recognize you as an expert in your niche (& you don’t need a huge following for this!)
  • Getting them to binge-learn from your feed posts (Follower to warm lead)
  • Making them watch your stories & leave wanting more
  • Get them to DM you “I’d love to work with you!” (Hot lead to customer)
Now that you see how this works exactly, there are minute details about how to get them from one stage to another & eventually, to the final stage. And THAT is what I teach inside the Blazing Hot Instagram Course.
The course modules have been designed keeping these steps in mind so that you can (seamlessly) take your followers through this journey!

“With BHI, I learned exactly what I need to do to show up as an authority & the way my followers interact with me now shows that they really do see me as an authority. And honestly thanks to the info in this course. It’s definitely definitely worth the investment for the authority module alone!

BHI will change your IG game for real. If you’re thinking about getting this course, please do because you won’t regret it!”

Lateilla from @lateilla

Course Modules

Module 1 - Build MAJOR Authority

You know you can help your ideal audience but your number of followers is degrading your authority!

They don’t feel like you’re an expert in your field.

And that is what we’re gonna change in this module!

  • Standing out in your niche
  • Mindset work on being an authority
  • 6 elements to BLOW UP your authority

Training videos + Standing Out workbooks.

Authority Final mockup

Module 2 - Become a Content star

We transform your feed posts into an ideal client MAGNET in this module.

Let’s make your followers HOOKED & ADDICTED to your content 👏

But not only that, you get my captions formula that uses psychology to get inside reader’s minds & helps you convert them internally, one post after another.

  • Powerful Caption formulas to write MAGNETIC captions
  • Coming up with infinite captivating post ideas
  • Instagram Calendar to plan your whole month’s content 
Training Videos + Workbooks + Calendars.

Module 3 - Irresistible Instagram Stories

We will make your stories recognizable & irresistible so much that when your story ring comes up, your followers can’t resist without watching them FIRST.

Making your stories addictive + how to keep them HOOKED until the last story!

  • Hacks to increase your story views (& no these are not your regular hashtag tips!)
  • Increasing your story engagement
  • Posting stories that wake you up to DMs 🤩
Training Videos + Workbooks.
Authentic DM Convos

Module 4 - Getting Down in the DMs

You’ll learn the authentic ways of how to communicate inside the DMs.

To be honest, there IS a wrong way to communicate & how to actually start the conversation in the DMs that most people use.

I don’t agree with most of it & I’ve created my own ways of communicating effectively inside the DMs that does not have to feel sleazy or sales-y to any one of you.

Taking you from having sleazy & uncomfortable conversations to smooth friendly convos inside the DMs & still building your authority along with it!

  • Exact DM scripts for authentic DM conversations

A few of my unique methodologies:

…that you get access to when you join:

  • OBSESSIVE content ideas + content planning

I have a unique methodology where I pick your audience’s internal pain/pleasure points, combine it with your unique skills & your post bases to come up with irresistible post ideas that your followers obsess about! We do this inside my content master sheet all organized in a seamless fashion!

  • My “LISTS” caption formula

I have my own formula (called LISTS, acronym) for writing captions that keep people HOOKED until the last sentence (holding their attention all along). I go into human psychology & teach that along with examples of my own captions.

  • From being unheard to becoming their go-to guide

I have my BHI framework (that I shared before in the pie chart) of taking followers seamlessly through a journey of being unheard of you to becoming their go-to expert!

It all happens step-by-step one module after another where I teach minute strategies that micro converts them to eventually becoming your paid customers/clients!


  • Follower Nurture Methodology

I have my own flawless way of nurturing your followers from one stage of buyer cycle to the next WITHOUT ever needing a spreadsheet to keep track of everything! We do all of it inside the Instagram app itself & still keep every information organized!

This saves a lot of time from switching apps + you’re not spending ALL day on Instagram using my technique!

  • My DM Scripts for:

    • Starting the conversation authentically
    • Continuing the conversation
    • When they ask questions/talk about their struggles how to answer authoritatively
    • Nurturing the relationship with your followers
    • Turning a cold ideal client into a warm lead
    • Market Research
    • Ways to relate & sympathize with them
    • Keep them interested/excited during the convo
    • Show your authority
    • Setting boundaries within the DMs (with GRACE)


*Oh yeah! There’s more… (I’m nice like that!)*

  • Bonus #1: Headline & CTA Formulas for your captions ($100 value) 
  • Bonus #2: Formula for mini-training in stories ($150 value)
  • Bonus #3: Authentic DM conversation scripts ($200 value)
  • Bonus #4: Instagram Content Master Sheet ($250 value)
  • Bonus #5: Instagram master worksheet (incl. coming up with post ideas) ($150)
  • Bonus #6: Blazing Hot Daily Story Prompt Ideas ($70)
Total Bonus Value: $920!

Ready to upgrade your Insta?

(Get ready for loads of amaze-balls all along the course!)

VALUE $697



“Since I connected with Vidhi on insta, my knowledge and understanding of this platform has grown exponentially. When she announced an online course to dive even deeper it was a no brainer. But I have signed up for other online courses from leaders that I love to follow and learn from on insta before and been disappointed by the same old content I already knew.

That was not at all the case with Vidhi’s course. It is so comprehensive and full of strategies and tips that I haven’t heard anywhere else. It’s a course I will continue to go back to over and over again. The insta algorithm will continue to evolve, but there is no one I trust more to stay on the forefront of those changes more than Vidhi.

And the thing that I really appreciate and respect most about what she offers is that it’s all human centered. She gets that your mission with Instagram is impact, more than anything else. Her strategies are grounded in offering the most value to your audience so you will feel good about growing your account with integrity and confidence.”

Suzanne Pickens
MomMA awareness coach

What other students are saying...

Notice there are amazing feedbacks for EACH MODULE from the course!

Imagine with me for a moment:

What would happen if you…

  • had the confidence to show up as the expert that you are (trust me, you ARE!)
  • had a secret formula of writing captions that “convert” your followers *internally* from one stage to another!
  • created stories that make your followers say “Daang, girl! Are you in my head?”
I’ll tell you what happens next:

Your followers will be flocking to your DMs showing their results from following your tips (first sign that they’re ready for more 🤑!)

They’d start checking out your profile to see if you have any new post (you know they’re left wanting more!)

You’d become an AUTHORITY that your audience knows, likes & trusts (You already know that’s when money comes in 👏!)

This all starts with following the Blazing Hot Instagram framework!

Ready to make this a reality?

“I loved all the following up Vidhi did as a coach.

I learnt that it’s not that difficult, you just have to do it once correctly & after that everything will become easier. Or you can just “get a Vidhi” that will teach you right how to do it!”


With the Blazing Hot Instagram Course

…get ready for:

  • Wild & consistent follower growth
  • Boost in engagement all over your Insta – DMs, posts & stories
  • Deeper authentic connections with followers
  • Conversations: easy as pie in the DMs
  • Become the next-level expert in your industry
  • 👆 All of it without spending all day on Instagram

Ready for a blazing hot Instagram?

Hi! I'm Vidhi

So much value, Vidhi, for just $197? 🤯 Am I dreaming? 

Nope, you’re not! And yes! I’m all here to support you without breaking your bank!

I believe in you & in this course SO FREAKIN’ MUCH! Let’s do this!

(fyi, this course will never be this deeply discounted ever again!)

Have Questions?

Upon purchase, you’ll receive an email with the subject: “Purchase confirmation + your accesses 👏🏼” that will include login info to my private course platform which hosts all video lessons, workbooks & spreadsheets + the email would contain your access to the early bird bonus + 1:1 access to me via voxer (if you’re one of the first 20 to purchase).

I have this email (with my fav friends gif) ready for you…

Blazing Hot Instagram is a self-paced course. You do not get 1:1 access to Vidhi in the program.

However, if you are one of those first 20 people to purchase the program, you get 1:1 unlimited access to Vidhi via Voxer for a whole week – these seats will sell out quickly.

The strategies & tactics inside BHI are all based on content marketing. So, if you have a digital product-based business, this course is definitely for YOU. I’m gonna show you how to come up with content ideas that your followers would LICK THE SCREEN for – loving them so much & making them obsess over your content.

But if you have a physical product that you sell locally – this course is NOT for you! Blazing Hot Instagram is basically for coaches, service-providers, bloggers, digital product-based businesses & service-based businesses who have CONTENT to talk about! Content marketing is the KEY to your success! If you’ve been in this industry for a while, you KNOW it!

Here’s what I have learnt from my own investments:

There are 2 reasons people don’t invest in their online businesses:

  • You really don’t have the money for it
  • You HAVE the money in your bank, but you don’t think your business is WORTHY of this much investment
    And that only happens when you don’t have the confidence in YOURSELF that you’ll be able to make this money back from your business!

If you’re the second, you take this business as a hobby! You don’t think you’re gonna make any money out of it & either way, whatever you think is TRUE!

You’re trading time for success (I’ve been there too, it takes forever!)

The decision is yours! Are you taking this business as a hobby? Or are you ready to take this business seriously this year & MAKE. IT. WORK for ya?

No. Think about it, would you rather debut your products to a room of amazing fans desperate to throw cash at you for it or an empty room?

PLUS, creation of a product takes a hella work, time & energy! You’d rather have an audience in advance to tell you what they WANT rather than spend time in creating a product that fall flat on your face!

You won’t see MASSIVE results until you take this thing seriously – that’s one.

Secondly, if you SO badly want this to be a success & make it your full-time job, what would you choose?

  • 2 years down the line still struggling with Instagram (& giving up, eventually)?
  • or, taking the proven framework, replicating it on YOUR Instagram & making your dream POSSIBLE within the next 6 months?

Hey you! Welcome to the amazing Instagram community! You’re gonna LOVE serving others!

Decide for yourself:

In the course, I take you through finding the perfect niche that aligns with you + making it stand out from the competitors! I also take you through optimizing your profile & making it a client magnet! These 2 parts are newbie based – that will help you immensely in setting yourself up for success right from the get go.

What I DON’T teach inside though is “how to post”, “how to create a story”, “how to navigate through Instagram”, etc. all of those too much basic stuff that I assume you already know!

So, if you know how to navigate through the app then this course is definitely FOR YOU. It will save you hella lot of time & energy from going round robin & trying to figure it all by yourself + setting up a strong foundation to your new business!

While most other Instagram courses charge you hundreds to only provide you a couple of basic strategies & tactics that quickly go out of style…

Blazing Hot Instagram is grounded in showing you pyschological behaviors & patterns of people in taking them from one stage to another (follower to warm to hot leads to, eventually, customers), micro-conversions that eventually lead to macro-conversions like sales, & content marketing using copywriting techniques!

Along with that, there are fill-in-the-blank templates, calendars, cheat sheets, checklists, worksheets, spreadsheets to make sure you TAKE ACTION along with going through the lessons!

Besides, did those courses teach you how to build your expertise on Instagram even with a small following? Doubt it.

Full Blazing Hot Instagram course

Module 1 – Building MAJOR Authority
Module 2 – Becoming a Content Star (Instagram posts)
Module 3 – Irresistible Instagram Stories
Module 4 – Authentic DM Conversations

Bonus 1 – Headline & CTA Formulas for your captions ($100 value)
Bonus 2 – Formula for mini-training in stories ($150 value)
Bonus 3 – Authentic DM conversation scripts ($200 value)
Bonus 4 – Instagram Content Master Sheet ($250 value)
Bonus 5 – Instagram master worksheet (incl. coming up with post ideas) ($150)
Bonus 6 – Blazing Hot Daily Story Prompt Ideas ($70)
Bonus 7 – Full-blown Follower Growth + Leads Tracker Module ($300)

PLUS, 1:1 unlimited access to me for a FULL week via voxer (only a few spots left!)

I wanted to offer action takers my highest value content without costing them an arm & a leg, but still enough that they took it seriously (kind of like how you treat your walmart purse like crap but your Coach bag is actually in the dust bag)

The price for the entire course + bonuses + 1:1 access to me

ONLY $297 for the full-blown course

👆 LOWEST PRICE EVER (Lock it in now!)

Ready to upgrade your Instagram + change your audience's lives?

Let’s get YOU in front of them & make them SEE you as their go-to guide.